Introducing UKG Ready HR Suite for Growing Organizations

UKG, a leading HR Technology software provider for payroll, compliance, and time management is showcasing the UKG Ready HR Suite at the ongoing SHRM 2024 conference. The latest HRtech suite is improving the efficiency of small and mid-sized organizations that often have to switch between multiple HR platforms for different tasks. Large organizations use 80 or more software solutions for automating their core HR tasks such as HCM, payroll, workforce management, and culture. With UKG Ready HR Suite, HR leaders can support their teams to scale their businesses with automated task management from a single dashboard.

UKG Ready HR Suite is designed to meet the growing needs of small and mid-sized businesses. These businesses often struggle to manage their workforce for important activities in payroll, learning and development, compliance, and performance management. UKG’s latest suite integrates with the existing HR Technologies to improve the employee experience by streamlining critical HR tasks involving the frontline workforce.

Benefits of using the UKG Ready HR Suite

Based on our analyst feedback about the tool, we found the UKG Ready HR Suite is a swift and efficient tool for HCM. It has an intuitive dashboard for HR teams of all sizes. The single-view dashboard provides analytics to HR professionals tired of doing the heavy lifting in recruitment, onboarding, benefits, time, and attendance. With a single tap on the UKG dashboard, these over-stressed HR teams can unlock opportunities and insights within seconds.

Here are the top benefits of using the Ready HR Suite for SMBs in 2024:

  • Easy to use and integrate with the existing HR technology software solutions
  • Real-time access to employee information about leaves, payroll, and time
  • On-demand resources available for HR and payroll experts to boost knowledge management and upgrade
  • Easily scalable cloud-based infrastructure to drive great workplace experiences with AI, automation, and data

Other offerings by UKG

In addition to the UKG Ready HR Suite, the HR technology solution provider also offers specialized products such as UKG One View, UKG InTouch DX, UKG Telestaff Cloud, UKG Virtual Roster, UKG Time, and others. UKG is one of the leading HR technology providers with AI features. It offers AI solutions as part of the UKG Bryte, a generative AI tool for workforce empowerment.

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