Alight Launches Behavioral Health Navigation Services to Help Complex Patients and Their Families

Alight, a top provider of cloud-based human capital and technology services, announced the introduction of improved services to aid families and workers in navigating challenging behavioral health issues. The new features, which are accessible to organizations using Alight Clinical Guidance and Alight Total Guidance, are intended to remove many of the obstacles that people have when attempting to access therapy.

“The barriers faced by employees and their families when trying to understand and seek specialized behavioral healthcare support are phenomenally challenging”

Alight Behavioral Health Allies, a specially designated multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychiatric APRNs and NPs, licensed social workers, and mental health counselors, can function as allies in assisting a person in locating the site of care that best suits their individual need.

The Alight Worklife platform also promotes accessible mental health resources and incentivizes people to use the support that is offered through an integrated and tailored user experience. Through Alight Worklife, partners have access to these tools as well.

Alison Borland, Chief Wellbeing Officer at Alight, stated “At Alight, we understand that a healthy mind is fundamental to an individual’s overall wellbeing. Complex and serious behavioral health requirements are common and undertreated, which can have a domino effect and impair outcomes in various spheres of the person’s life. Alight wants to offer people and their families the crucial support they need to prioritize their mental health journey in their time of need through an easy-to-use, accessible experience backed by our Alight Worklife platform by providing these expanded offerings.”

One in twenty persons, according to the National Alliance on Mental disease (NAMI), suffer from a significant mental disease such bipolar disorder, a substance use disorder (SUD), or major depression every year. About 40% of cases will go untreated, which will only serve to worsen the situation and result in reduced productivity and absenteeism for businesses as well as negative consequences for individuals. The pressure on already overworked caregivers is increased by the fact that children and adolescents are also experiencing their own crisis, with 80% of them not receiving the specialized mental health treatment they require, according to the CDC.

According to Bipin Mistry, Chief Medical Officer at Alight, “The barriers faced by employees and their families when trying to understand and seek specialized behavioral healthcare support are phenomenally challenging. When a participant has a dual diagnosis, has undergone unsuccessful treatments, is seriously ill and unable to work, or is dealing with disability, we can take them by the hand and support them throughout their journey. This support may include assisting the person in arranging a leave of absence, locating specialized care, or securing workplace accommodations. They won’t be left alone.”

Alight enables employees to fully utilize the breadth of resources available to them by engaging them in the moments that matter and aligning them with pertinent initiatives, encouraging a holistic approach to mental wellness and overall welfare.

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Source: Businesswire


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