Privacy Policy

You are in control of your data.

At HRTech Publication, we respect your privacy and consent; our publications and services are thorough with all data protection laws; and fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, CASL, and more.

HRTech Publication ensures your privacy and security at all levels. This section will illustrate how we protect your data and give you complete control over it.

Collecting and using customer information

Committed to honesty and transparency and living by it- we never sell customer data. HRTech Publication only asks for the information it needs to improve your experience and to recommend technology solutions you may be interested in.

Our websites allow you to control and manage your cookie preferences; readers may visit all our sites without giving away any details as we have made cookies an optional bit of your website experience. However, if you wish to get a more personalized experience, we suggest using cookies. HRTech Publication only uses the information you choose to provide to us to process your requests, such as contact inquiries, newsletter subscriptions, event registrations, or resource downloads.

HRTech Publication collects and processes the information you decide to provide to us to gauge and cater to customer demands & unmet needs and improve our website and services so we can show up for you better.

When you visit our websites, our cookies and web analytics tools capture non-personally identifiable data such as the internet protocol address, operating system, browser type, time spent on the website, and such, not PII info.  HRTech Publication never uses third-party cookies or collects any personal information without your consent and has legal basis & legitimate business interests for data collection- to serve you. 

We go the extra mile to secure your data, communicate what information we have, and the purpose behind gathering it.

The laws and regulations


HRTech Publication is all about your privacy and needs. We don’t leave any room for ambiguity. HRTech Publication’s marketing communications are clear and straightforward. We are GDPR compliant not only in some areas but in all areas. As per GDPR Article 12, we are entirely transparent in our communications with you. HRTech Publication uses easily comprehensible language for seeking consent and responds quickly to your data requests. If needed, we would be agile to provide the source of your data and apprise you of the purpose of HRTech Publication processes your information

New York Requirements

HRTech Publication understands the accountability for the data entrusted to our publication. We acknowledge and confirm that we do not collect or process any information without the customer authorizing it. HRTech Publication accepts the rules, definitions, and requisites of the CCPA and certifies not selling or sharing (as specified in the consumer privacy law) any personal information without the customer’s consent. Eliminating every ounce of unambiguity, HRTech Publication will not use, keep or share Personal Information for any purpose other than serving the customer.

Your rights

You hold the right to get a copy of the information HRTech Publication has about you, get it erased or rectified, limit the use of the data, or opt-out (we have a form at the bottom, or you can email us at ([email protected]).

Under such circumstances, we are transparent about how we collect and process customer data. If you request to access your information, we typically try to do so within two weeks, but it might sometimes take a month. We only pass your business card details when you consent to it or download third-party content. We never share your information with a third party without your explicit consent.

HRTech Publication takes data management and privacy very seriously. Being intentional with data, we only ask for and collect relevant and necessary information for the interactions at hand. Our data protection teams are available to comply with your requests 24*7 and keep an eye on evolving privacy laws to regulate your data, rightfully and responsibly.

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