Betterworks: DEIB Dashboards With Advanced Analytics Launched

To drive genuine, inclusive changes to performance management methods, Betterworks takes effective action.

The debut of Betterworks’ Advanced Analytics with Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) dashboards is something the company is happy to announce. Betterworks is the pioneer in contemporary performance management solutions. By empowering HR professionals to recognize and resolve biases in performance management procedures, this ground-breaking product promotes a more equal and inclusive work environment. The debut of these DEIB dashboards during Pride Month highlights Betterworks’ dedication to advancing diversity and equality.

Human biases are frequently present in performance management systems and judgments, which can result in unjust outcomes and disadvantage some people within businesses. The performance of a business can be hampered by inconsistent evaluations and biased feedback, which can also foster a culture of mistrust and increase employee churn. Organizations need a reliable technique to assess whether biases exist in their performance management systems in order to address these issues.

HR leaders can detect biases within the performance management cycle by utilizing metrics and analytics with Betterworks’ Advanced Analytics with DEIB dashboards. These insightful reports and dashboards highlight differences between groups inside the business in terms of learning opportunities, coaching techniques, performance evaluations, and engagement and satisfaction ratings. For instance, HR management may quickly determine whether one gender or one race in a certain department is getting less coaching than another, enabling targeted interventions to encourage equity and inclusivity.

According to Andrea Lagan, chief operating officer of Betterworks, “With the launch of our DEIB dashboards, we are providing organizations with the tools to take a data-driven approach to root out bias from employee performance management.” “We think that every employee deserves an equal chance at professional growth and a positive impact on the company. Organizations can change their trajectory and guarantee that all employees receive an equitable performance and development emphasis by drawing attention to discrepancies and raising awareness.”

The DEIB dashboards from Betterworks enable enterprises to respond to important queries like:

  • Are we fair in the interactions we have with our employees?
  • What changes are being seen in employee performance across different diversity groups?
  • How do we cultivate talent that is diverse?
  • How well does the procedure of performance calibration work to eliminate bias for different groups?

Utilizing these data, companies may make judgments about teaching managers to engage their teams in more meaningful conversations and foster a culture of engagement for all staff members, which will enhance relationships between staff members and managers.

Analytics at Work

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Source: Businesswire


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