Bswift expands its domain expertise and creates a strategic advisory council with some of the best minds in the sector.

The formation of an advisory council with some of the best minds in the sector was announced by bswift, a top provider of benefits administration services and solutions. The first two members of the council are Maria Yao and Michael Sigmund, who will support bswift’s goal of being the top provider of benefits administration in the industry.

Michael Sigmund brings a wealth of expertise in business transformation strategies, team leadership, and business growth strategies. Strong client partnerships and outstanding global client service delivery teams have been built and developed by Maria Yao over the course of her career.

Ted Bloomberg, the CEO of bswift, said, “We are thrilled to have Maria and Michael as our initial Advisory Council members as we continue to grow and expand our offerings. They are leaders in the field, and their counsel will be invaluable as we continue to grow and set ourselves up for success in the future.

The Advisory Council will hold regular meetings to offer advice on market trends and bswift’s business development, expansion, and client service strategies. In order to build on their foundation of cutting-edge and results-driven benefits administration technology and delight clients of all sizes, bswift will benefit from the council’s expertise of industry leaders.

Maria Yao exclaimed, “I’m thrilled by the opportunity to join bswift’s Advisory Council and help fulfil their mission. “Their dedication to providing excellent service is clear, and I look forward to working with them on creative solutions that will improve the client experience and produce favourable results for the business and its clients.”

Michael Sigmund expressed his excitement about continuing to use his knowledge of the industry and his expertise as a member of bswift’s advisory council. I think the opportunities ahead of Swift are truly limitless, and I look forward to assisting the business in continuing to succeed.

By creating this Advisory Council, bswift is reaffirming its dedication to subject-matter expertise and solidifying its position as the industry’s top supplier of benefits administration services and solutions.


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