Businessolver Announces Major Technological Advance To Increase AI To Drive Greater Service

The 2023 product strategy for Businessolver, a leading SaaS-based benefits technology platform, includes delivering that intelligent experience throughout the employee’s entire interaction with their benefits. This includes extending its overall AI capabilities beyond its current virtual benefits assistant SofiaSM. In order to significantly enhance the service offered through their benefits platform, Benefitsolver, Businessolver is also the first company to market in the benefits technology sector to combine their existing and proprietary Natural Language Understanding (NLU) framework with OpenAI’s ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo service.

According to Rae Shanahan, Chief Strategy Officer of Businessolver, “As the market leader in benefits industry innovation, this strategic move empowers our clients to tackle today’s benefits engagement challenges.” “Our cutting-edge, user-friendly technology supports self-service and staff engagement while giving the Businessolver team sharper tools to provide better results in overall service. This significant development for our platform shows our dedication to “Tech with Heart.”

Benefitsolver integrated Sofia, Businessolver’s artificial intelligence benefits assistant technology, in 2017 to offer employee self-service via in-platform chat, mobile, and phone calls using large language and natural language models.

With the inclusion of ChatGPT, Businessolver will improve its already-existing proprietary AI and language models in order to increase Sofia’s and Benefitsolver’s in-platform capabilities and tailor the end-to-end benefits experience for each user in accordance with their particular needs and behaviors.

Sofia’s present NLU capabilities are being enhanced by Businessolver using Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI service, which complies with HIPAA regulations. Pre-processing member questions to identify actions and sentiment as part of this integration enables a quicker and more precise answer to inquiries about employee perks. Additionally, by summarizing the genuine intent and sentiment of an employee’s requirement while still using Businessolver’s in-house AI models to comprehend the context of a query inside the employee benefits domain, it enhances Sofia’s capacity to manage more complicated queries. Based on 25 years’ worth of benefits conversation and transcription data, their own models.

“This is very exciting for us at Businessolver as we know that ChatGPT has the ability to refine and improve our overall AI framework, while still leveraging the core components of our proprietary AI technology that we have been investing in for the last six years,” said Shanahan of the development.


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