Employees can receive support for their mental health and personal wellbeing thanks to a partnership between RethinkCare and Progressive Benefits Solutions.

RethinkCare, the leading global behavioural and mental health platform for employers from RethinkFirst, announced that its evidence-based care resources are now offered through Progressive Benefits Solutions (PBS), a business that streamlines HR and benefit administration requirements. The Parental Success, Personal Wellbeing, and Professional Resilience solutions from RethinkCare can be offered by PBS customers in addition to all other employee benefits, giving staff members and their families access to evidence-based tools, e-learning, and clinical support.

According to Harry Cain, vice president of strategic partnerships at RethinkCare, “RethinkCare is designed to give any parent the practical skills they need to perform at their best at work and home, including resources to help families and carers support their neurodiverse children.” We are thrilled to collaborate with Progressive Benefits Solutions to reach even more families with our evidence-based solutions and assist them in overcoming the obstacles standing in their way of leading successful, fulfilling lives.

PBS provides software that makes it simple to combine various HR administration tasks into one user-friendly platform, allowing staff members to devote more time to fostering the expansion of their companies.

Positive behaviours boost productivity, whereas negative behaviours impede development, according to Keith Torello, principal of Progressive Benefits Solutions. “We are thrilled to partner with Rethink to offer the market leader in behavioural health solutions to our clients in order to support employee mental health.”

Customers of PBS can now give their staff members access to three highly regarded programmes through RethinkCare, including Parental Success, which aims to support carers and working parents, Personal Wellbeing, which teaches and puts into practise techniques for coping with stress and anxiety, and Professional Resilience, which fosters the professional and interpersonal development of neurotypical and neurodiverse staff members.


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