Equifax’s New Unemployment Claims Fraud Watch Solution Aids Employers in Combating Unemployment Fraud

With the market-leading Unemployment Cost Management services of Equifax Workforce Solutions and the alerting features of the company’s award-winning identity theft prevention services, Equifax has introduced Unemployment Claims Fraud Watch, a new solution. Employers who want to help employees fight identity theft and have more peace of mind while easing the administrative strain on their HR departments might provide Unemployment Claims Fraud Watch as a benefit.

According to a recent U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) investigation, fraudulent unemployment insurance payouts during the pandemic may have totaled more than $60 billion. A direct notification can be sent to an employee when a claim is submitted in their name using the new Unemployment Claims Fraud Watch service, giving them advance notice of suspected fraud.

According to Ben Erdel, General Manager of Identity Theft Protection Services, Equifax Workforce Solutions, “Employers can help their employees take greater control over protecting their identities by adding Unemployment Claims Fraud Watch to their benefits package.” Since our identity theft prevention and restoration professionals are available to help their employees if they become the victims of unemployment claims fraud, “employees can feel more supported, and HR teams can be more confident.”

Direct notifications when a claim is submitted in an employee’s name, proactive monitoring for claims filed using that employee’s identity, and assistance from identity specialists to help employees report and resolve the fraud are all features of Unemployment Claims Fraud Watch. Employees who have signed up for identity theft protection services also get ongoing assistance to reduce the likelihood of repeat fraud by preventing fraudsters from creating new, fictitious accounts in the present and the future.

With 65 years of experience and a committed team of about 500 specialists that are solely focused on unemployment insurance, Equifax is one of the nation’s top choices for unemployment management operations. Award-winning identity theft protection company Equifax provides both directly to people and through employee benefits programs cutting-edge solutions to help safeguard against identity fraud, lessen stress, and deliver more peace of mind.


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