Humi’s Benefits Plus Simplifies Administration for Corporate

Benefits Plus is a dedicated service and connected experience that integrates Humi‘s HR software and benefits service to give HR professionals a digital and seamless benefits administration experience. Humi is Canada’s top all-in-one HR, payroll, and benefits platform. The centralized system for employers and employees will eliminate user error, save businesses time and money, and lessen the strain of administrative responsibility.

“With Benefits Plus, you only have to update information in one place. If you make a change in the Humi platform by 3 PM ET, it’ll be processed in your carrier portal that very same day – this is a benefits administration service that isn’t offered anywhere else in Canada.”

Humi’s Benefits service links HR teams with qualified advisers who can offer businesses the greatest benefits packages, as well as onboarding services for managers and staff, all while delivering first-rate customer care. Additionally, employers can provide employees with access to preferred, exclusive pricing for additional health, legal, and financial providers through Humi’s marketplace.

By simplifying processes related to benefits administration, Benefits Plus improves the Humi Benefits experience. Benefits Plus lowers administrative burden, saves time, and minimises errors by requiring only a single update of employee benefit information on the Humi platform, which is then updated for the employee with their plan provider.

Kevin Kliman, CEO of Humi, states that when developing software, “We’re always thinking of how we can give employers back time to focus on taking care of their people. You simply need to update the information once with Benefits Plus. This benefits administration solution is unique to Canada and will be completed in your carrier portal the same day if you make a modification in the Humi platform by 3 PM ET.”

Humi’s Benefits team is made up of 15 licenced insurance advisors and benefits administration experts who are prepared to navigate industry-specific regulations. Humi’s Benefits is one of Canada’s fastest-growing, carrier-agnostic brokerages with a combined 97 years of experience providing best-in-class advisory services. The Benefits Team has worked with over 20 insurers and over 800 clients to date to guarantee that clients of all sizes have access to the benefits plan that is most effective for them and their employees, along with quicker bids and some of the best rates available.

According to Stefani Milenkovski, Director of Benefits Experience at Humi, “I’m excited for this unified approach to HR and benefits – administrators no longer need to duplicate their work and employees now have the ability to be more autonomous in requesting changes on their own.”

According to Lauren Kadet, Director of Benefits Portfolios at Humi, “Benefits Plus helps to give plan admins their time back by reducing double data input. It’s how we work as an extension of your team, providing effectiveness and support.”

Source: Businesswire


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