Lorraine Riche, a leader in the healthcare sector, has joined Talentcare as its Chief Growth Officer

It is with great excitement that Talentcare, LLC, the premier provider of solutions that make hiring and retention simple, announces the appointment of Lorraine Riche as Chief Growth Officer. Riche, a former two-time client and Talentcare champion, has a strong track record of guiding profitable enterprises through development stages. She joins the organization to share her knowledge and support customers’ next step of growth.

“It’s not often that one gets the chance to hire a former client who naturally lives and breathes our values and is an authentic advocate for the multiplying effect of human capital — all in the package of a fantastic human,” said Eric Smith, CEO of Talentcare. Lorraine is the ideal partner for the executive teams of our clients because of her intellectual curiosity, vision of Talentcare as a client, and expertise with private equity, according to Smith.

Riche was selected for the position with Talentcare as a result of her demonstrated success in founding and growing retail healthcare organizations in a range of industries, including Consumer Wellness, Concierge Medicine, Mental Health, including Autism/ABA, and a wide range of Clinic- and Therapy-based healthcare. Riche’s strength is his ability to create outstanding teams, expand businesses quickly, and accomplish amazing exits. In addition to serving as president of Bloom Health Centers, Riche has also held the positions of chief operating officer at PT Solutions, chief experience officer at Acorn Health, and vice president of strategy and operations at The Advisory Board Company. Impressed? We are too!

“In every firm I have worked for, one thing has been abundantly clear: in order for growth to be unrestricted, a company must excel at the talent acquisition game. The Chief Growth Officer, Lorraine Riche, stated that this required a partner, and for her, that partner was Talentcare. Great individuals build great companies. By joining Talentcare, I have the chance to return the favor that Talentcare has shown to my teams and I,” Riche continued.


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