Partnering with Smartlinx, ShiftMed can assist healthcare facilities in more effectively filling open shifts.

The pioneer in on-demand workforce technology, ShiftMed, recently announced a collaboration with Smartlinx, a platform for cloud-based workforce management used by post-acute, senior care, and other healthcare facilities. With the help of this integration, healthcare facilities using the Smartlinx Staffing Marketplace-a platform that links staffing platforms with an organization’s current Smartlinx workforce management platform-can now easily post and fill shifts using ShifitMed employees within the Staffing Marketplace.

This makes it possible for scheduling facilities to fill shifts more quickly, include all direct care hours from a single source, and do away with the need to manually track healthcare professionals who use ShiftMed for labour management and bill reconciliation. In order to avoid inconsistencies in employee information, the integration will also offer a seamless process between healthcare professionals accepting a shift and their onboarding.

According to Todd Walrath, CEO of ShiftMed, “this integration will give our healthcare professionals access to open shifts from all of Smartlinx’s clients and increase the flexible options available to them.” Healthcare facilities will find it simpler than ever to fill labour shortages and manage employee data in a single integrated system.

Now, facilities using Smartlinx can access the more than 350,000 licenced nurses in ShiftMed’s database. Nurses and other healthcare professionals can choose open shifts at neighbourhood hospitals and skilled nursing facilities using the ShiftMed app, giving them the freedom to work when and where they want.

According to Marina Aslanyan, CEO of Smartlinx, “We’re thrilled to partner with ShiftMed to give our clients access to their network of capable healthcare providers.” “Our Smartlinx Staffing Marketplace provides our clients with an on-demand solution to staffing shortages. Because our market is open, partners like ShiftMed can increase its value by ensuring better patient outcomes and workforce efficiency on a single, well-integrated, user-friendly platform.


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