To better serve contingent workers and employers with flexible IT needs, The CODE Group Establishes CODE Staffing, A Software Developer And IT Staffing Agency With A New Model

The CODE Group has introduced CODE Staffing, a brand-new IT contingent staffing service with an innovative business model that provides its employees with benefits that compete with those of Silicon Valley tech businesses and a culture that assembles a team of business professionals to support client companies’ success.

To solve the impersonal interaction between standard contingent contract employees and the businesses they work for, the Houston-based company was founded. These personnel frequently receive different treatment than the client’s own employees, which makes them hesitant to commit to long-term partnerships and makes their jobs unsatisfactory. For both its employees and clients, CODE Staffing’s concept, in which workers are hired and treated as valued employees, aims to change this.

To encourage personnel to stay with the company and reduce churn for its clients, CODE Staffing treats contingent IT staffers like full-time employees rather than as contract workers.

“We’re operating in a unique way. We provide incredible perks, similar to those provided by Google and Microsoft. This includes retirement benefits with a 401(k) match, 100% healthcare, vision, and dental coverage for employees and their families, and 50% of our profits go back to our people so they have a stake in our success, according to CODE Staffing Chief Operating Officer Yair Alan Griver, a serial entrepreneur who spent nearly ten years managing various Microsoft business products. “We think that content employees make for content customers.”

On the client side, CODE Staffing concentrates on forming alliances with top-tier customers, embracing their businesses’ complexities as a reliable partner. “We ensure that we understand their technological road map and ensure that we provide the best people for their needs through our rigorous focus on training and regular meetings with client’s executives,” Griver said.

Traditional contingent staffing firms, according to Griver, are typically not accountable for results; instead, they merely have to hire people and hope that they are good enough that the client wants to keep them. Additionally, they normally only collaborate with the contractors when they are employed, fired, or send a 1099 tax form. As a result, a lot of staffing firms have a negative image for not caring about their employees. When a project is completed, the contractors are fired and later rehired for other projects.

By carefully collaborating with customers to fully get the nuances of their businesses and to better understand their aims and objectives, CODE Staffing forges strong, enduring relationships. To assist their clients’ growth and success, CODE Staffing executives become a dependable and essential component of their clients’ operations.

“Our clients want to be able to focus on their business, not on managing multiple vendors for staffing,” said Griver. Our leadership team includes technologists who have built technology teams to thousands of people, managed long-running, profitable organizations, and discovered that the best way to succeed is to support our own workers.

Due to its affiliation with The CODE Group, CODE Staffing provides training opportunities to both its own personnel and those of its clients. This enables clients to concentrate on running their businesses while we handle educating everyone on the newest technologies, according to Griver.

The objective of CODE Staffing is to create an environment for employees that is so pleasant that turnover is low and top talent is simple to recruit and keep. We intend to establish a long-term connection with our clients and eventually compel rival staffing firms to offer comparable benefits.


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