Toastique Debuts On The Entire Paytronix Platform For Guest Engagement

The gourmet toast, juice, and smoothie franchise Toastique has launched its guest engagement programme on the full Paytronix platform, which includes loyalty, online ordering, and a mobile app. Paytronix is the industry leader in guest engagement for restaurants and convenience stores. The Paytronix-powered loyalty programme is a significant component of Toastique’s plan to expand via its franchise programme from 16 to 32 units in 2023.

During the pandemic, Toastique’s mobile app and online ordering system-both of which were initially offered on the Paytronix platform-were crucial to generating sales. Today, 20% of all sales come from online orders. A points-based loyalty programme will help the brand reach existing customers in addition to assisting new franchises in areas where the brand is present.

Data is easily transferred between Toastique and Cake POS by Mad Mobile thanks to the seamless integration with the Paytronix Platform. Due to their ease of use, new Toastique franchise locations can start offering third-party delivery services on their opening day, allowing customers to benefit from any deals or special offers they may be running.

According to Blair Lalor, Toastique’s IT manager, “Paytronix boosts all our stores by enabling price increases of up to 15% for orders placed through third parties, like UberEats and GrubHub.” “It’s excellent marketing. Customer traffic will increase as a store accumulates more positive reviews over time.

According to Chuck Tanowitz, director of marketing communications at Paytronix, “the expanded Toastique loyalty programme gives franchisees the ability to launch a guest-centered marketing programme the day they open their doors.” “And, with the full Paytronix platform at their fingertips, every Toastique franchisee will be able to dive fully into the data on who is shopping where, when, and for what, then implement targeted loyalty campaigns that will get guests visiting and buying more.”

By using the Paytronix menu management feature, Toastique already controls the menus of outside delivery services, and it plans to introduce a subscription service soon.


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