TouchPoint One Updates Sidekick Agent Coaching Solution to Unleash Supervisor Potential Powered by AI

A new version of TouchPoint One’s Sidekick agent coaching system has been released. TouchPoint One is the industry’s top supplier of workforce engagement and performance management solutions for contact centres. For frontline supervisors and managers, the software update uses multi-dimensional data modelling, process optimisation algorithms, and client-centric data frameworks to produce real-time, focused, and actionable coaching plans. In order to effectively support agents where and when they are needed, Sidekick provides real-time intelligence, insight, and instructions. This significantly improves supervisor capabilities, confidence, connection, and performance.

Greg Salvato, CEO of TouchPoint One, stated, “TouchPoint One is in the business of helping people succeed. To that end, we equip all levels of contact centre personnel with knowledge, systems, and connections necessary to effectively develop, execute, and lead.” The most recent Sidekick update serves as a symbol of our dedication to making sure frontline leaders are ready to support and motivate agents in a setting with increasingly complex CX interactions.

Supervisors and other frontline leaders can manage coaching, recognition, and other agent support activities across the full range of performance metrics with the help of Sidekick. Acuity customers who already use TouchPoint One’s award-winning Acuity contact centre performance management platform can upgrade right away to Sidekick.

Sidekick Update’s Key Benefits:

  •     Reduces multiple hours of daily effort to collect, organize, and study reports and data.
  •     Boosts supervisor productivity by creating prioritized “Best Next Action” coaching plans in seconds.
  •     Engenders process development, consistency, and accountability. Systemized coaching routines are monitored and measured across all aspects of execution.
  •     Aligns and equips senior management to mentor, guide and support effectively.
  •     Mitigates data interpretation errors and agent support delivery.
  •     Increases frequency and quality of support and recognition to improve employee engagement, experience, and retention.
  •     Integrated gamification heightens awareness of coaching-related KPIs and boosts individual and team connection and engagement.

“Sidekick frees supervisors from the time-consuming burden of gathering and organising dispersed data, analysing complex reports, and formulating coaching strategy freeing up time for the actual delivery of agent support, engagement, and coaching,” said Brad Baumunk, EVP of Sales Operations and Chief Consulting Officer, at Tri Source International LLC. “We are excited about the rollout and amplified impact the new Sidekick features will deliver in team leader efficiency, capacity, confidence, and potential and ultimately, agent performance and improved CX,” the company says.

To streamline, mould, and optimise supervisor support routines, Sidekick combines real-time performance intelligence with agent coaching, recognition, satisfaction, best-practice modelling, and other features. It is the best solution available for helping contact centre managers build strong, fruitful relationships with their staff members and gain the leadership abilities they need to confidently guide their teams.

In the digital transformation of performance management and employee engagement, Sidekick is essential. Organizations benefit from better operational understanding, increased alignment, improved customer and employee satisfaction, and steadily rising financial and operational performance. Because of their proven track records of assisting in the resolution of attrition, absenteeism, performance, and engagement issues while lowering operational costs, contact centre leaders favour Sidekick and the Acuity performance management platform.


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