Vantage Fit And Fitmate: Partnering To Motivate And Empower A Healthier Workforce

In order to motivate and empower a healthier workforce, Vantage Fit, an AI-enabled employee wellness platform that is also one of Vantage Circle’s products, established a partnership with Fitmate.

The goal of this collaboration is to strengthen the relationship between Fitmate and Vantage Fit while providing solutions to the customers of both businesses. Incorporating Fitmate Coach’s motivating coaching has given Vantage Fit’s goal of enhancing employee wellbeing a boost in zeal and purpose.

To assist clients in forming enduring routines and adhering to their weight loss strategy, Fitmate Coach provides devoted support from knowledgeable health coaches.

An extensive workforce wellness program powered by AI is called Vantage Fit. For businesses of all sizes wishing to guarantee employee well-being, it is a one-stop shop. By encouraging and rewarding healthy lifestyles and habits, it puts a strong emphasis on health and exercise. Users of Vantage Fit can monitor their physical activity, such as steps and workouts, and utilize GPS to map their outside runs and exercises.

Partha Neog, CEO and Co-Founder of Vantage Circle, commented on the collaboration, saying, “We at Vantage Fit have always been able to give physical, mental, and habit-building solutions at the workplace. Together with Fitmate, we are now even more dedicated to putting workplace wellness first and maintaining the level of motivation.”

Chris Burke, COO of Fitmate Coach, commented on the relationship: “We are delighted to welcome Vantage Circle as a valued partner in our journey. Our customers now have a smooth way to track the effect of physical activity on their weight loss objectives thanks to their integration with our state-of-the-art MaaS (Motivation as a Service) weight loss and management software. By banding together, we are certain that we can significantly impact the fight against the obesity epidemic and promote healthier and more meaningful lifestyles for every employee. Employers frequently ask us how they can support the wellbeing of their employees, and with the combination of Fitmate Coach and Vantage Fit, we are happy to be their solution.”

Fitmate Coach is a business that gives committed assistance from knowledgeable health coaches to aid customers in creating enduring routines and adhering to their weight loss plan. Our main goal is to address the most common challenge that people encounter when attempting to develop healthy habits: maintaining motivation. Clients communicate daily with their personal coach through a conversational app, who uses evidence-based support techniques to create a plan they can realistically follow and help them stay on track. These techniques include: setting weekly goals in particular program focus areas like nutrition, exercise, and stress management; tracking progress through daily check-ins; and providing them with useful resources (quick recipes, exercise videos, mindfulness techniques, etc.) to help them overcome setbacks. Our goal is to use technology to make a service that was previously out of reach for the average American at a cheap price, assisting people in overcoming the motivational obstacles they encounter when attempting to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Source: HRTech Series


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