How AI can be used in Recruiting Talent around the Globe

AI in recruiting technology enables recruiters to better leverage their ATS, allowing them to hire more efficiently, shortlist resumes more precisely, and screen resumes more fairly.

AI for recruiting is an important component of the HR technology ecosystem. AI-powered solutions, which are directly integrated with the ATS, offer a layer of talent intelligence to the recruiting process, meant to automatically screen thousands of resumes and save time-consuming manual activities.

The most difficult task in talent acquisition is still screening resumes efficiently and fairly: The most difficult component of recruitment, according to 52% of talent acquisition leaders, is discovering the right people from a big application pool.

According to a survey of talent acquisition leaders, 56% expect their hiring volume to increase this year, while 66% expect their recruiting teams to remain the same size or decline.

Outline for a blog post: How AI can be used in recruiting candidates


AI is an acronym for Artificial intelligence, As the word says it is a human-made neural-based intelligence, and it works on the principles of machine learning. What it means is that it can learn to read and mimic human intelligence and provide results similar to what a human would do.

AI is already being used in many sectors like finance, marketing, and many more. After seeing its huge advantages in these sectors most of the recruiters are also using this for various reasons like resume shortlisting, resume reading finding crucial details from resumes, and making an Excel sheet out of it. 

As there are benefits there are challenges, and the challenges are major.

  • 1st challenge is that AI is still not 100% trustworthy so a human has to recheck to make sure that the AI doesn’t make any mistakes.
  • The 2nd challenge is that the AI is not very good at understanding complex languages, suppose the tone of the resume could say much more about the candidate than anything else.
  • The 3rd one and the biggest one is that through the resume an AI can’t detect the emotions of the candidate suppose, how much the candidate is desperate for this job.
Sourcing candidates

Ai can be used as a good searcher for new talent as many of the candidates are lying around big social media sites like Linkedin, Facebook and many more.

Ai can also be used to shortlist all the resumes according to the pre-determined needs of the recruiter, Or it can examine the candidate’s resume from various standpoints. AI can be really useful when there is a bulk of data, a human might take a while to glance through all the data but AI can do this thing instantaneously.  

Screening resumes

As we talked before AI can be really helpful in screening through resumes. Ai also can shortlist the candidate’s resume accordingly so the recruiter can interview only the candidates that are highly eligible, in a nutshell, Ai can be helpful to find the cream of the crop for your needs. 

AI can also be used to identify candidates who have relevant skills and experience, even if they are not listed explicitly on their resume.

Conducting interviews

AI can be used to initiate the 1st rounds of an interview like an assigned task and review the assigned task it can also be used in scheduling interviews many more.

After scheduling the interview the AI can be used to conduct the interview in a video calling session while a human only rates the answer that the candidate is giving an AI with face recognition technology can tell how much the candidate is, a nurse or lying. This could change the way businesses hire talent. 

Making hiring decisions

Take it with a pinch of salt Ai is still not there to make division as preise to a human. But it can give you a calculated guess of which candidate is more capable for the job and which isn’t.

But there are boundaries, The problem with an AI decision is a there is nothing to back it up the decision doesn’t come with a responsibility.

Example:- If a human is hiring someone and she/he made a wrong decision it’s up to the person who took the decision how He/she could fit it. But in the case of AI, there is nothing like this.


As AI continues to develop and become more sophisticated, it is likely to have an even greater impact on the recruiting industry. In the future, we can expect to see AI used to automate even more tasks, provide even more insights into the hiring process, and help recruiters to make better hiring decisions.

If you are a recruiter, I encourage you to learn more about how AI can be used to improve your recruiting process. There are a number of AI recruiting tools and platforms available, and many of them offer free trials or demos. By using AI in your recruiting process, you can reduce time and costs, increase your candidate pool, and improve your hiring decisions.


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