Automated Analytics Releases AI-Powered Recruiting For Hourly Workers in the Fourth Place

Fourth, Automated Analytics, a company based in Doncaster, UK, and the leader in labor and inventory management solutions for the restaurant, hotel, retail, and leisure industries, have announced an exclusive alliance to provide fast hiring using AI-driven programmatic bidding to US clients.

Customers can optimize their ad targeting during periods of high traffic by integrating Fourth’s PeopleMatter applicant tracking system (ATS) with Automated Analytics’ TalentTrack AI-powered programmatic bidding. This lowers the cost per application. Fourth and Automated Analytics will roll out this capacity with the nation’s top job boards starting with Indeed.

“The race to recruit, engage, and employ talent has made it crucial to profitability in the hotel business,” said Clinton Anderson, CEO of Fourth. “Current staffing shortages and the growing labor expenses have made this. “Our collaboration with Automated Analytics provides our customers with the tools they need to outperform the talent competition.”

TalentTrack’s AI programmatic methodology delivers a bigger volume of higher-quality candidates using conversion data that is produced by tracking every prospect from source to hire. TalentTrack makes ensuring budgets are focused on luring in and swiftly employing qualified candidates by tailoring advertisements for the most economical bid times.

“Using the power of AI to help customers identify and secure talent quicker and more effectively is how employers can win the battle for hourly employees and reduce staff shortages,” said Mark Taylor, CEO of Automated Analytics. “We are thrilled to partner with Fourth and are looking forward to assisting our clients in locating the best people, achieving cost savings, and preparing for the arrival of their visitors.”

Are you going to the Chicago National Restaurant Association Show on May 20–23, 2023? Visit our booth to meet specialists from Fourth and Automated Analytics and experience a demonstration of programmatic bidding powered by AI.

With data-driven labor and inventory technologies, Fourth helps restaurants, stores, and hotels successfully navigate the day when every hour of every shift counts. The Fourth Intelligence Platform makes use of more than 20 years’ worth of comprehensive data and sophisticated analytics to give actionable insights and demand predictions for streamlining operations, increasing profitability, and empowering staff. Fourth Intelligence-powered streamlining of business.


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