Bullhorn Applicant Tracking Platform: KarmaCheck Announces Partnership With Cell Staff

Cell Staff, a provider of healthcare staffing, and KarmaCheck, a pioneering company that uses candidate-centric technology to bring truth, speed, and efficiency to background checks, have partnered to use KarmaCheck’s background check functionality for the Bullhorn applicant tracking system.

By immediately integrating applicant data into the Bullhorn platform, KarmaCheck’s cooperation with Bullhorn—which is also a KarmaCheck investor—alleviates the expensive problem of manual inefficiencies for Cell Staff. By providing a streamlined, transparent experience for candidates, employers, and recruiters, it drastically lowers candidate drop-offs.

“Bullhorn is one of the biggest technology players in the staffing industry”, Eric Ly, CEO of KarmaCheck, remarked, “We’re very proud of what Cell Staff has achieved with KarmaCheck’s best-in-class features for the Bullhorn platform. These complex operations pose a significant difficulty for a large number of applicant tracking systems. Customers will benefit from improved communication, speed, and transparency for all participants in the onboarding process.”

Cell Staff credentialing specialists and clinicians now have access to real-time information on the status of “source of truth” record retrieval, license and credential verification, and drug and occupational health screening thanks to KarmaCheck’s new interface with the Bullhorn platform. By making it simple to get results from Bullhorn, it also aids healthcare organizations in getting ready for audits.

Grant Hargis, Vice President of Operations at Cell Staff, said, “We’ve had great success with KarmaCheck and Bullhorn, as measured by faster, more efficient hiring and fewer candidate drop-offs. Compliance in healthcare staffing is a complex process occurring in a tight labor market, and KarmaCheck has allowed Cell Staff to consolidate the majority of candidate compliance to one simple platform that offers background checks, education verifications, drug tests, and more.”

According to Nina Eigerman, SVP of Alliances and Head of Bullhorn Ventures, “We invested in KarmaCheck because we think it has the potential to revolutionize the background check industry and put control in the hands of candidates.” “With the use of technology, the staffing market is transforming quickly. Thanks to KarmaCheck’s integration with the Bullhorn platform, candidates can easily authorize checks and amend their information. The time to hire is greatly reduced because to this best-in-class integration, which gives recruiters improved access to timely information.”

Source: HRTech Series


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