Cappfinity Introduces 3 Leadership Talent Solutions

Three new additions to Cappfinity’s extensive portfolio of leadership solutions with a scientific foundation were introduced. Cappfinity is a leading provider of talent acquisition and management solutions. These new goods were created in direct reaction to the impending fourth industrial revolution, during which the World Economic Forum forecasts that over 1 billion people will need to reskill by the year 2030 due to the radical transformation of jobs by technology in the upcoming ten years.

According to Celine Floyd, Director of Talent Management and Leadership Propositions for Cappfinity, “The workplace is changing in ways we do not yet fully understand as a result of emerging technologies like AI, advanced machine learning, metaverse, quantum computing, and more. We’re all going to need a new set of abilities, even though there are still some questions about what the ‘new norm’ in the workplace will be. Additionally, the abilities that were previously prioritized might no longer be as effective in the future. Because of this, there has never been a more pressing need to navigate internal mobility in the workplace.”

The following are some of Cappfinity’s latest solutions, which draw on more than 20 years’ worth of talent data from around the globe, its long history in behavioral research, and a variety of evaluations, diagnostic tools, and measuring instruments:

  • Altitude: A hybrid online leadership assessment that evaluates cognitive ability, leadership in situations, and personality. Altitude’s comparison to international norm groups gives solid facts that may be used to inform decisions about hiring and promoting employees inside an organization.
  • Leader ProfileA dynamic, self-directed evaluation that highlights a person’s abilities and capabilities. Insights from the Leader Profile provide measures of leadership effectiveness as well as areas for improvement.
  • InPerspective: A 360-degree examination that is intuitive, entertaining, and strengths-based and provides opportunities for learning and self-reflection.

In times like these, reskilling, succession planning, and internal mobility are crucial to a company’s future success. These new product solutions were organized by Cappfinity according to the define, arm, and build framework in order to assist businesses in navigating this transformation at every stage. The first pillar, define, gives leaders the authority to outline their organizational leadership skill framework in order to put their vision for training leaders into practice. The second pillar, arm, gives talent managers the resources they need to assess talent and spot high-potential individuals. The third pillar, develop, helps firms accelerate internal mobility, succession planning, upskilling, and/or reskilling programs by offering flexible, scalable, and programmatic talent development solutions.

“I could definitely see myself in the Leader Profile, but it’s still helpful to see exactly what makes me a leader.” Sabine Frank, Carbon Market Watch, stated, “I value knowing my strengths and their related dangers better, recognizing what strengths I have learnt but don’t enjoy using, being encouraged to use my untapped strengths more, and relaxing about my limitations.”

The existing portfolio of Cappfinity also includes digital mentoring, the 90 Digital toolbox, and coaching that uses virtual reality development scenarios and exercises in addition to these cutting-edge solutions. These solutions are intended to generate transformational growth when taken as a whole. Watch a thorough examination of the most recent updates to Cappfinity’s selection of leadership solutions here.

Source: PRNewswire


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