Coinmotion Appoints Two New Members to its Strategic Board

A leading Nordic provider of cryptocurrency trading services, Coinmotion Oy, has announced changes to its board of directors in an effort to bolster the business’s strategic position in the developing market for virtual currencies.

Sebastian Sonntag, a seasoned businessman, qualified board member, and doctor of technology, has been appointed as the board’s new chairman as part of the composition change. From 2019 to 2022, Sonntag led LocalBitcoins as CEO. He has a strong grasp of business and the sector.

“It is an honor for me to serve as Chairman of Coinmotion’s Board. I definitely trust in the company’s future potential because it has pioneered the bitcoin business,” said Sonntag. His election to the board is viewed by Coinmotion Oy as a crucial strategic move.

Pekka Ylihurula has also been proposed as a new board representative. Ylihurula oversaw the S-Bank plc formation project and served as the bank’s first CEO from 2006 to 2022. Ylihurula declared, “I am really eager to begin serving on the Board of Coinmotion. “I think cryptocurrency in general, and Coinmotion in particular, has a ton of room to grow and flourish. To be a part of it all is wonderful.

Pekka’s experience and strategic insight will be a tremendous asset in guiding and directing Coinmotion’s growing company.

Henry Brade, Taneli Tikka, and Joel Lehtonen, who currently serve on the board and will continue to serve in their existing capacities, will continue to contribute their knowledge to the organization.

The outgoing Chairman, Henry Brade, remarked, “Sebastian and Pekka’s combined skills will definitely propel Coinmotion Oy as it continues to develop and expand within the cryptocurrency field. Their arrival marks a turning point in our quest to build a highly qualified board where each member brings a special skill that directly advances our strategy,”

“Having worked directly with Coinmotion for 11 years, the time feels right to switch gears,” Brade concluded. “But let’s not forget that the bitcoin sector is still in its infancy, despite our ten-year adventure. I’m not about to pass up the opportunity for growth and progress that exists. Even though I may no longer be serving as Chairman or in an operational capacity, I continue to participate as a board member and owner and am excited to see where our new strategic alignment will take us.”

Source: PRNewswire


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