Cielo’s Expanded Services Strengthen Leaders in Talent Acquisition

The next generation of tailored solutions and services from Cielo, a top global talent acquisition (TA) partner, have been unveiled to help businesses optimize their influence in the extremely competitive talent market. The product additions—TA Optimizers, Consulting, and Search—give firms more alternatives to adapt and scale their TA procedures in order to keep up with changing business demands.

“We’re building on almost 20 years of global partnerships that unlock inspiring talent outcomes,” said Matt Jones, Chief Product Officer at Cielo. “Always putting the client and candidate first. Enterprise RPO is still a crucial solution, but many companies want to improve significant facets of their corporate strategy without completely outsourcing it. TA executives benefit from having a variety of options thanks to the breadth of our solutions, whether they prefer a transformational RPO relationship, stand-alone products, or a combination of services to plug in as and when required. Our tech-driven services will take customers to the next level of recruitment success since attracting the greatest talent demands a distinctive, modern strategy.”

Customers can anticipate the following from Cielo’s expanding offerings:

Optimizers for TA

Vice President of Product Management for Cielo Rebecca Volpano stated: “With TA Optimizers, talent acquisition leaders may strengthen every step of their hiring procedure in ways that are important to them. This is not corporate RPO; rather, it is a modular solution that provides more alternatives and flexibility than conventional outsourcing. Through their collaboration with Cielo, TA leaders may delegate time-consuming inefficiencies and administrative duties so they can concentrate on creating outstanding recruiting experiences.”

In their most recent market study report, NelsonHall expects that the worldwide RPO industry will be worth up to $11.2 billion by 2026, with Modular RPO solutions helping to drive market adoption and expansion.


“The world of work is ever-changing, and more organizations are seeking leading expertise to sharpen their TA strategies,” stated Elaine Orler, Managing Director – Consulting for Cielo. “Clients may overcome some of the most difficult problems affecting HR and talent leaders with the help of Cielo’s Consulting professionals.”

“Every day we’re helping organizations transform their talent strategy and technology, create an impactful employer brand, and build a comprehensive DEI program,” stated Andy Curlewis, Managing Director – Consulting for Cielo. “We’re true partners who transform talent into a company’s competitive advantage in a disruptive yet reassuring way.”

Source: PRNewswire


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