Dayforce Career Explorer is announced by Ceridian

The launch of Dayforce Career Explorer, an AI-powered tool that helps increase engagement and retention by enabling employees to manage their careers, was announced by Ceridian, a global leader in human capital management (HCM) technology. Employees have access to data-driven career pathing, chances for learning and development, and job notifications for positions that match their skills and interests through Dayforce Career Explorer. Within their worldwide workforce, customers like Jisc presently use Dayforce Career Explorer.

Organizations today have severe personnel and skill shortages, and it is extremely difficult to find and keep top people. While there are more work possibilities than ever, individuals are looking for more flexibility, benefits, and career autonomy. The vast majority of employees (84%) feel having a clear career path makes them more dedicated to their employer globally, according to Ceridian’s Pulse of Talent research. With the help of Dayforce Career Explorer, employees are better equipped to explore personalized opportunities inside their organizations and have a deeper understanding of the skills necessary to realize their career goals.

By linking employees with available jobs and projects, Dayforce Career Explorer—powered by the Dayforce Skills Engine—assists organizations in utilizing HR data to enable skills-based career exploration and boost internal talent mobility. This helps businesses to solve employee turnover and retention issues while using less time and money for external hiring. The mobile-first experience of Dayforce Career Explorer also promotes employee engagement, skill development, and fair access to opportunities. It recommends the best prospects that fit with employees’ interests and talents while assisting in the acquisition of new ones using cutting-edge machine learning algorithms.

Somen Mondal, General Manager, Talent Intelligence, Ceridian, stated that “Almost every organization faces challenges with employee retention and skills shortages, and that opens up big opportunities for employers willing to rethink traditional career pathing. Dayforce Career Explorer helps organizations create a flexible, resilient, and modern workforce by putting employees on the right track to achieving their career goals using AI and machine learning.”

Dayforce Career Explorer also assists organizations in:

  • Increase employee retention by providing them with clear career paths that include the concrete measures they must take to succeed.
  • By utilizing the talent currently present inside the business, high priority roles can be filled more quickly and effectively.
  • By identifying candidates for internal employment and promotion, succession planning can be improved.
  • Utilize data and cutting-edge analytics powered by AI to comprehend the talents of their staff and any potential skills gaps.
  • To engage and upskill personnel, cultivate an environment that values learning and development.

Stu Privett, HR Systems and Data Manager at Jisc, stated, “We foster a company culture which supports and promotes personal learning and development, and we’re thrilled to partner with Ceridian to help our people take the next steps in their careers. In addition to enhancing employee engagement and delivering real-time data about internal talent to fill crucial roles, Dayforce Career Explorer will also give our employees a clear view of their career potential at Jisc and a personalized action plan to develop the skills they need to succeed.”

Source: HRTech Series


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