Simplilearn: 95% of professionals feel confident switching careers

Simplilearn, a major online bootcamp for digital skills training, released its 2023 State of Upskilling report. The survey focused on upskilling and in-demand skills. The report covers professionals’ expectations for 2023, how upskilling will affect their career advancement, and what courses they’ll take this year.

Learner sentiments changed in the 2023 Consumer Survey. 30% wanted to change careers in 2022. In 2023, 41% more professionals sought career changes. Upskilling is also changing. In Simplilearn’s State of Upskilling 2022 poll, 59% of professionals took self-study courses, 33% took part-time courses, and 51% received skilled certifications. 51% of professionals preferred part-time or online qualifications in 2023. Few choose self-study (23%), open-source projects (12%), or full-time college (7%).

“Our 2023 Consumer Survey results highlight that professionals continue to actively take up upskilling courses despite shifts in ways of working and as back-to-office norms return, globally,” said Simplilearn Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Kashyap Dalal. “Professionals are gaining valuable skills through online certificates or self-study. They know upskilling boosts career growth. Sharpened and fresh skills are professionals’ best weapons for getting higher earnings, jobs, and promotions. With the rise of generative AI and new digital economy tools, learners want to upskill in related sectors.”

Simplilearn 2023 Consumer Survey:
  • Gender and Demographics: 49% were from Tier 1 Indian cities. 71% were male, 25% female, and 4% LGBTQA+, with 49% in Tier 1 Indian cities and 23% outside India.
  • Contributors: 38% were individuals. 38% were individual contributors, 28% managers, 17% students, 9% freelancers, 4% VPs/department heads, and 4% CXOs. The top departments were IT (34%), Marketing (18%), Engineering (15%), and Production (10%).
  • Industry & Workplace: 32% were from Technology and Computers. Technology and Computers (32%), BFSI (11%), Education (11%), and Consumer Products & Services (10%) led responses. 51% worked from home, 27% hybrid, 22% office.
  • Upskilling and 2023 expectations: 95% thought upskilling will help their career. 51% of respondents took part-time or online certifications, 23% self-studied, 12% worked on open-source projects, and 7% attended college full-time. Program and project management, AI & ML, Cloud Computing, and DevOps followed Data Science and Business Analytics.
  • 30% think upskilling will help them get a new career. 30% of respondents believe that upskilling will lead to new jobs, 25% to new opportunities in their current job, 22% to a salary increase, and 16% to a promotion.

Source: HRTech News Desk


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