iMocha and Viventis Search Asia collaborate to support organizations’ skills-first strategies

The world’s top skills intelligence and assessment platform, iMocha, recently established a relationship with Viventis Search Asia, a major Southeast Asian provider of human capital solutions. Through this agreement, organizations will be able to implement a skills-first strategy across the entire applicant to alumnus lifecycle.

Business executives and human resource managers will have access to comprehensive talent analytics through this agreement, enabling them to make informed decisions about hiring. South-East Asian enterprises will have access to the patented technology used by the Fortune 500 and industry best practices by combining the complementary strengths of Viventis Search Asia and iMocha in order to create a skills-first organization.

“We are thrilled to partner with Viventis Search Asia, the premier provider of human capital solutions in South-East Asia. It is essential that leaders and managers have access to the skill profile at the organizational and employee level for better hiring, talent development, and resource management as the world shifts from a job role-based strategy to a skills-first paradigm.”

– Amit Mishra, Founder and CEO of iMocha

Viventis Search Asia’s Executive Director, Yu Ming Chin, also added, “Both human capital and the skills needed to do a job are dynamic. Several firms in this region are using the skills-first strategy for hiring, managing, or developing employees in order to shape the future of career creation. Through our agreement, we will combine our expertise in people processes with iMocha’s skills intelligence cloud to give real-time talent insights to help SEA firms become leaders in their respective industries through talent hiring decisions that are informed by skills data.”

Source: PRNewswire


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