Pluralsight: Matthew Collier is Appointed Chief Customer Officer

Matthew Collier has been named Chief Customer Officer (CCO) by Pluralsight, a firm that provides training for the tech sector. Collier will be in charge of directing Pluralsight’s customer success and experience journey in order to further the company’s aim of expanding the global technology workforce.

Somit Goyal, Pluralsight’s president and chief operating officer, said: “I am delighted to welcome Matthew as our new chief customer officer. Matthew gives a fresh perspective on driving efficient improvement and growth across customer success, support, and value with his broad knowledge and strong passion to customer value and happiness. He will be essential to addressing the changing needs of our clients and enabling businesses all around the world to successfully implement their IT strategy. I anticipate the tremendous contribution he will make both inside and outside to our company and to our clients.”

Collier, who has held executive positions at numerous reputable software firms, joins Pluralsight with extensive experience in customer success. Collier most recently served as Senior Vice President of Customer Success for California-based ecommerce fraud protection firm Signifyd. In addition to becoming Vice President of Customer Success at Marketo, a pioneer in marketing automation software, he also held the position of Senior Director of Customer Success at Adobe, where he was responsible for their commercial market segment.

Collier stated, “My choice to join the company was motivated by Pluralsight’s unparalleled commitment to accelerating the technology skills of its customers. I look forward to working with our customers to improve their Pluralsight experience and assist them in achieving the business results that are so essential to their success.”

Collier graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Business Law. He is one of the authors who contributed to The 7 Pillars of Success, and he formerly sat on the board of Triage Cancer, a nonprofit that offers free education on the practical and legal difficulties that may affect people who have been diagnosed with cancer and their carers. Collier is a founding member of CS Angel, a company that offers possibilities for customer success professionals to invest in cutting-edge technology that offer solutions to raise net revenue retention.

Source: PRNewswire


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