Elite Corporate Expands To Meet Growing Mental Health Demand

In response to a growing trend in employee healthcare needs, Elite Corporate Medical Services Inc. (Elite Medical), a well-known supplier of private medical clinic services for self-insured enterprises, has launched a new program. The growing need for private, business-funded mental health care, according to Elite Medical, is evidence of the changing demands of today’s workforce.

Elite Medical has a reputation for being a reliable source of all-inclusive medical care and for being dedicated to the health and happiness of its staff members. The current spike in demand for mental health services, brought on by greater knowledge of and urgency around mental health in the workplace, signals a new trend in the company’s service offering.

The fact that nearly a quarter (23%) of American workers are very susceptible to mental health problems highlights the urgent need for comprehensive mental health support in the workplace. “In response to these increasing demands, we’ve significantly expanded our suite of mental health services. Our intention is to offer employees comprehensive care that addresses their whole wellbeing, including their mental health.” says Nick Gambini, CEO of Elite Medical.

Workers who assess their mental health as poor have productivity ratings that are more than 39 points below the national average. Poor mental health has been related to a considerable decline in workplace productivity. By addressing these issues, Elite Medical’s increased mental health services hope to increase productivity and improve the general well-being of the workforce.

With a focus on mental health, Elite Medical offers individualized care solutions that successfully meet each person’s distinct needs. By removing the fragmentation of counseling, behavioral health treatments, and medical reimbursement, this comprehensive model attempts to lessen confusion and irritation while enhancing health results.

According to Gambini, “At Elite Medical, we’re committed to consistently adapting our services to match the shifting healthcare requirements of the organizations we serve. A substantial step in that direction has been made with the inclusion of comprehensive mental health services in our program.”

Every person gets access to the appropriate type and level of treatment at all times, in their preferred format—in person, remotely, over the phone, or through chat—thanks to Elite Medical’s continuous care approach.

Source: PRNewswire


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