Immersive Labs and Accenture Partner to Fill Cyber Talent Gap

Increasing access to one million entry-level cybersecurity operations jobs over the next ten years is the goal of the Cyber Million program, which is being developed by Immersive Labs and Accenture. Immersive Labs is a pioneer in human-centered cyber resilience.

“We founded Immersive Labs based on the idea that people from various backgrounds – both with or without a formal education – can excel in cybersecurity if given the right opportunities”

Accenture Security will be the first foundational partner in the program’s beta edition, which will be powered by the Immersive Labs platform. Users may now access the site to start developing their abilities, and the initiative is now accessible to other firms looking to post cybersecurity operations openings to a wide pool of candidates.

With an estimated 3.4 million open positions worldwide, the cybersecurity sector is now suffering from a severe skills shortage. Additionally, according to the Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2023 report produced by the World Economic Forum in partnership with Accenture, 64% of cyber executives and 59% of business leaders listed personnel retention and recruiting as a major problem for managing cyber resilience. Additionally, less than half of respondents said they have the personnel and expertise necessary to respond to cyberattacks as of right now.

By enhancing access to possibilities and spotting hidden talent, Cyber Million will assist in filling these unfilled positions and lowering entry barriers for job seekers. The program will update how businesses around the world hire for cybersecurity roles by placing an emphasis on real-world skills, upskilling, and aptitude over traditional evaluation techniques, such education, certification, and experience.

The program will approach recruiting in a practical, evidence-based, skills-first manner, in contrast to conventional hiring techniques. Anyone over the age of 16 can sign up for the program and complete a series of laboratories and hands-on exercises that have been carefully chosen to match the skill sets needed for available roles. Successful candidates can apply for open employment partner jobs after completing these labs. Because of the program’s flexibility, candidates can finish their coursework at their own time.

“Cybersecurity talent is everywhere, and it can be developed if those eager to learn are given the opportunity, whether or not they come from a technical background,” stated Robert Boyce, Global Lead of Cyber Resilience at Accenture. “We use the Immersive Labs program model to upskill our own employees, and we’re delighted to continue to strengthen our partnership to encourage more people to pursue careers in cybersecurity. This level of industry-wide cooperation and an original strategy are needed to address the cyber talent shortage. We are thrilled to take this significant step in developing cybersecurity talent around the world.”

“We founded Immersive Labs based on the idea that people from various backgrounds – both with and without a formal education – can excel in cybersecurity if given the right opportunities,” stated James Hadley, CEO and Founder, Immersive Labs. “We welcome other organizations to join us in our Cyber Million program, which we are developing in partnership with Accenture and will help organizations discover hidden talent, increase diversity among the workforce, and build resilience against cyberattacks.”

Through Digital Cyber Academies (DCAs), Immersive Labs has provided platform access to veterans, students, and the neurodivergent community for the past six years. With hundreds of DCA applicants now transferred to the new platform, Cyber Million represents the next phase of this initiative.

Source: Businesswire


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