First President Sorbriqué “Sorby” Grant is appointed by Climb Hire

Sorbriqué “Sorby” Grant has been named as the new president of Climb Hire, a nonprofit organization dedicated to upskilling low-income working adults so they may build the professional networks and in-demand skills they need to launch new careers. Grant assumes the role after serving for a year as the first Chief Program and People Officer at Climb Hire.

Grant will oversee the organization’s primary operations, including growth and marketing, program creation, finance and HR, and employer partnerships, in her capacity as president. Grant will take the lead in launching new initiatives, luring in more Climbers, enlisting more partners, and securing more money as the organization gears up for future growth.

According to Nitzan Pelman, CEO and Founder of Climb Hire, “Sorby has been an integral part of scaling and evolving Climb Hire over the past year.” She is a top-notch manager and leader who will support our team and program during this subsequent era of growth.

While many vocational training programs place a strong emphasis on technical abilities, Climb Hire also places a strong emphasis on soft abilities and assisting Climbers in building social capital and professional networks. Most job searchers secure positions through the use of social capital, which is often established and obtained through contacts made in education, through family, or through work. It provides Climbers with the special and potent benefit of social capital to carry with them throughout their careers by fostering a network and community among graduates and Climb Hire supporters. Within six months, 80% of climbers land new jobs, and they earn $20K more on average than they did at their previous position.

Grant has dedicated her entire professional life to assisting marginalized people in gaining access to employment and educational opportunities. She is a major proponent of social capital. She established a program exclusively for autistic kids who couldn’t attend conventional schools while serving as the Chief Program Officer for the Center for Resilience, Louisiana’s sole therapeutic day program, prior to joining Climb Hire. She had previously been chosen to lead Achievement First Hartford Academy Middle School’s turnaround. By developing a behavior management system and family collaboration program, she extended her six-month commitment to a four-year position and achieved astounding outcomes, such as a 65% reduction in suspensions. Grant began her work in the South Bronx as a Teach for America Corps member.

Grant declared, “I’ve always been dedicated about assisting people in excelling in their academic and professional endeavors. “Social capital has been crucial to my progression, even helping me acquire my job at Climb Hire. Increasing the impact of Climb Hire and assisting more individuals in harnessing the power of networks are also things I’m looking forward to.


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