Fleurette Navarro Is Named As Chief People Officer By IQor

Fleurette Navarro has been announced as chief people officer at iQor, a managed services provider of customer interaction and technology-enabled BPO solutions, beginning June 1, 2023. Navarro will work directly with iQor President and CEO Gary Praznik as a member of the executive team.

“I look forward to continuing to advance our talent acquisition, employee development, and workplace culture through a strategic lens to ensure iQor remains a Great Place to Work,” Fleurette Navarro stated.

This newly created position will bring together iQor’s global human resources, recruiting, compensation, and benefits under Navarro’s direction and thought leadership to ensure a consistent and integrated experience as the company continues to invest in global human resource leadership to meet increased demand and expansion into new geographies. Navarro’s priorities as chief people officer will be talent sourcing and retention, employee growth, workplace culture, and strategic globalization.

“Throughout her time at iQor, Flo has been an ardent supporter of all iQorians and represented our shared conviction that our strength comes from our diversity and the individual contributions of each team member. Our human resources and recruiting staff will continue to prosper and produce positive employee experiences under Flo’s direction, in my opinion,” said Praznik.

Navarro, who is from the Philippines, has spent her six years at iQor working to enhance the company’s human resources initiatives. She has exhibited great leadership abilities while managing a productive human resources and international recruiting team.

She oversaw the team’s implementation of new rules and practices aimed at assisting staff members and leaders and creating a workforce that exemplifies iQorian culture. In order to attract bright individuals looking for possibilities with iQor, the global recruiting team has integrated digital methods and automation tools into the hiring process. By forging connections with the government and putting policies in place to protect staff members and the company, Navarro also significantly contributed to iQor’s ability to deal with the epidemic. Navarro’s leadership was instrumental in getting iQor recognized as a Great Place to Work in the Philippines through these and other efforts.

Navarro declared, “I am eager to start this next phase of my adventure with iQor. To guarantee that iQor continues to be a Great Place to Work, I eagerly anticipate advancing our efforts in the areas of talent acquisition, employee development, and workplace culture.”

Navarro, who has worked in the BPO sector for 23 years, offers a wealth of knowledge and perspective to her position. She has held leadership positions in operations, account management, training, quality assurance, and human resources while working with large corporations like HSBC, CapitalOne, and Tata Consultancy. Through these experiences, she has gained a thorough grasp of the sector.

Source: HRTech Series


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