Globus: First ChatGPT Feature For Staffing Solutions in Europe

ChatGPT for HR tasks could have an adverse effect on the entire company. A successful mix for talent acquisition teams can be created using ChatGPT features, which range from creating amiable job descriptions to developing AI-powered chatbots for staffing., an AI-powered employment startup, announced the release of its ChatGPT-powered staffing product. The platform, which is the newest addition to its AI-first solutions, is designed to make the hiring process easier for both candidates and recruiters. This involves developing effective campaigns automatically and advising on the ideal time to launch them, ensuring that prospects are reached at the most advantageous time.

Recruiters may design campaigns that are specific to each role, including geography and qualifications, using’s ChatGPT capabilities. This saves recruiters time that they may use to find opportunities and develop connections with customers and talent. In a similar vein, Globus ai’s platform aids in matching job prospects with the most appropriate jobs via the recruiting site. Candidates’ interaction with the staffing agency is increased by the ability to search job openings through this site., a 2017 startup with AI at its core, empowers talent and recruiters by automating the hiring process and transforming the way staffing firms select prospects. Dedicare, OnePartnerGroup, and Randstad are a few of’s current clients, and the company is backed by significant venture capitalists from the US and Europe.

The CEO and co-founder of, Helge Bjorland, said: “Many companies now identify as AI companies because to ChatGPT’s popular appeal. Contrarily, was built using AI at its core, and our objective is to assist recruiters in connecting with more applicants in less time and with more accuracy. The relevance of our mission is highlighted by the fact that recruiters are already shunning agencies if they don’t embrace the capabilities that AI delivers.

This information follows’s mention in the Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) research, “Staffing Platforms as a Service Global Landscape 2023.” The company’s inclusion as the lone vendor from Northern Europe helps to connect business decision-makers with the most effective employment platforms.

“As a CTO, my job is to make sure that our technology aligns with our business goals and supports our teams in delivering innovative solutions to our customers and partners; that’s where Globus adds value,” continued Andreas Nordlund, CTO at OnePartnerGroup. While retaining human competency at the core of everything we do, we want to employ AI to increase the efficiency of our hiring and staffing processes and enhance the experience for both candidates and clients.

“We are thrilled to be included in this report as a platform for talent engagement and welcome the SIA’s new ‘Staffing Platforms as a Service category’. Our bionic company strategy aids in empowering talent and recruiters, which is a goal we highly value. At, we’ve had a great year with over 200,000 people connecting with relevant positions using automation and AI matching, and we’re excited for what the next year will bring. Helge came to an end.

The co-pilot for the staffing sector is By streamlining and automating the staffing process, its AI-powered platform aims to empower recruiters and candidates.

The group specializes in attracting, motivating, and suggesting people. It also gathers orders and requests for jobs and offers insightful business information. By providing recruiters with a strong SaaS platform to place more applicants, much faster – even with high-volume job requirements, Globus, launched in 2017, is changing the staffing market.


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