iCIMS Enhances Recruiting Teams’ Productivity and Experience

In its 2023 Summer Release, iCIMS unveiled new features that provide recruiters more productivity and control over the applicant experience. They also give internal personnel additional tools to aid in navigating and exploring their career options.

Al Smith, chief technology officer, stated that “Firms cannot afford to miss out on the right candidates or lose their existing talent in light of growing resource constraints and a tight labor market. New innovations in the iCIMS Talent Cloud will help organizations enhance internal mobility and advancement initiatives, including intelligent and dynamic career path recommendations.”

The summer release of iCIMS 2023 gives talent teams the ability to:

  • Better user experiences can be achieved with more engaging career sites. With the help of a new content management system (CMS), talent teams can now simply change and manage information on their iCIMS Career Site. Users can quickly and easily update the content of career sites using a drag-and-drop visual editor, allowing talent teams to continuously improve performance and raise candidate engagement.
  • Accelerate career growth to keep talent. A recent iCIMS survey found that 64% of job applicants anticipate talking about their career path with their manager more frequently than once a year. Employees can benefit from the new dynamic career pathing tool in the iCIMS Opportunity Marketplace since it increases their visibility and understanding of where and how they might advance within their company. Employees can now:
  1. iCIMS Talent Cloud AI-powered recommendations for your career path are provided. The new tool may recommend positions that are present within the organization’s job taxonomy by assessing information such as current role, employment history, skills profile, and market data.
  2. For a career path that fits their objectives and interests, they should search for and choose opportunities.
  3. Learn what talents they already possess and what they need to work on to be eligible for positions that open up in the future.
  4. To support managers and HR in their career talks, employees should save and bookmark their career routes.
  • Consolidated job views can boost productivity. The new, unified job overview in iCIMS ATS consolidates crucial open job information into one location, including top applicant sources and a rapid glimpse into candidates needing special outreach, so recruiters can act promptly and fill positions more swiftly. Additionally, an enhanced embedded reference check experience that integrates results from SkillSurvey Post-Hire straight into the iCIMS ATS facilitates candidate screening.
  • Utilize broader analytics to provide deeper insights. With the addition of iCIMS Offer and iCIMS Onboard data, iCIMS Advanced Analytics now gives talent teams a more comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of their hiring processes.

Discover more brand-new features and capabilities in the iCIMS 2023 Summer Release. Request a demo to learn more about the many AI-powered, top-of-the-line tools that iCIMS offers to help hiring and mobility processes be accelerated and streamlined.

Source: PRNewswire


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