Innovative Investor Engagement Initiative Launched by Udemy

Udemy, a top website for online learning and teaching, recently introduced Udemy IR Access, a fresh and creative investor engagement initiative to give investors ongoing insights into the company through online channels, including an investor relations blog and compelling video content. On April 18, Udemy will hold its first investor customer panel as part of the launch.

According to Dennis Walsh, vice president of investor relations at Udemy, “Udemy is committed to providing current, transparent communications for all stakeholders.” “At our first Investor Day in November, leadership laid out our long-term financial outlook and gave a detailed overview of Udemy’s business, strategy, and vision. But learning more about our company doesn’t end there. We think the investor community will benefit from more frequent communications about our business developments in this rapidly changing environment. As we fulfil our mission to improve lives through learning, we look forward to interacting with investors via our investor relations blog and through compelling video content.

Blog for Investor Relations at Udemy
The corporate blog of Udemy has a new section dedicated to content for investors. The investor relations blog will be used by Udemy to communicate significant business updates and to fulfill its disclosure requirements under Regulation FD. Those who are interested can sign up for email notifications of new posts here.

Video Content for Investor Relations Udemy will also use online video content to give detailed insights into its operations and business, including but not limited to:

  • Customer and instructor panels;
  • Learner stories;
  • Udemy leadership Q&As;
  • Product demos; and
  • Earnings summaries.

Udemy Business Customer Panel

  • Alicia Lopez, Head of Learning & Careers at Cisco
  • Simon Ruszala, Group Learning Director at Devoteam

Those who want to watch the webcast can sign up here. On the “Events & Presentations” page of Udemy’s investor relations website, a replay of the webcast will be archived.

Udemy enhances people’s lives through learning by offering adaptable, powerful skill development for businesses and individuals. With thousands of current courses available in dozens of languages on the Udemy marketplace platform, students, instructors, and businesses have access to the resources they need to succeed. On the Udemy platform, millions of people receive instruction from professionals in fields ranging from leadership and teamwork to data science and programming. Employers can provide all employees with on-demand training, immersive training for tech teams, and cohort learning for leaders thanks to Udemy Business. Customers of Udemy Business include Volkswagen, Fender, Glassdoor, On24, The World Bank, and On. Udemy has hubs in San Francisco, Austin, Texas, Boston, Massachusetts, Mountain View, California, Denver, Colorado, Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey.


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