International SOS: Creating Mental Health and Wellbeing Program

The world’s top provider of health and security services, International SOS, led an interesting workshop at the just-completed EHS Congress in Berlin. The EHS Congress, which attracted representatives from over 250 organizations, brought together experts in the disciplines of environment, health, and safety to discuss best practices and consider cutting-edge solutions. The session gave organizations a better grasp of the essential elements of a successful and long-lasting program for mental health and wellness. Additionally, it prompted participants to consider ideas outside psychosocial evaluations.

Experts from International SOS spoke on the need of workplace psychosocial assessments in understanding organizational psychology throughout the event. However, they are fundamentally unable to provide the depth necessary for a thorough analysis of employee mental health and wellness. These evaluations frequently overlook important elements, such as workplace policies, which have a significant impact on the state of mental health through elements like workload, work-life balance, and job security.

Attendees also learnt how physical health problems are sometimes overlooked in psychosocial assessments, despite the fact that they can have a big impact on someone’s mental health. The Happy at Work Wellbeing Equation, a framework for organizations to create a positive workplace culture, was also offered to attendees. This policy urges companies to provide special attention to two crucial factors. First and foremost, they must comprehend the workplace’s working environment and improve the tools and components that support a thriving workforce. Second, to lessen the elements of the job that cause stress, like an excessive workload and a fast pace.

With tailored and progressive solutions, International SOS has been assisting organizations’ mental health and wellbeing initiatives. Assessments of mental health and wellbeing are among them, as are training courses on educational awareness and accessibility to international SOS Global Health Advisors.

The International SOS Group of Companies is in the business of saving lives while safeguarding the safety and security of your global workforce. We provide tailored health, security risk management, and wellbeing solutions wherever you are to support your growth and productivity. We offer a quick reaction in the event of severe weather, an outbreak, or a security problem, giving you piece of mind. Our cutting-edge technology, medical knowledge, and security experience are all focused on prevention, providing on-the-spot quality delivery and real-time, actionable insights. We support your demands for compliance reporting while also assisting in the protection of your personnel and the reputation of your company. Organizations can fulfill their Duty of Care obligations while enhancing business resilience, continuity, and sustainability by collaborating with us.

Source: HRTech Series


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