Learning Measurement Study to Be Launched by Brandon Hall Group How Learning Affects Business Impact: Think Like A CEO

On April 25, the top independent HCM research and analyst firm Brandon Hall Group will release its Think Like a CEO: How Learning Drives Business Impact survey to examine what distinguishes learning organisations that are able to successfully provide direct measurements into how learning programmes impact individual and organisational performance from those that are unable to do so.

According to our research, learning measurement is a never-ending problem for learning and development teams. According to Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst, “In this new survey, we are digging deeper than ever to assess why, despite the emergence of more advanced learning and business analytics technologies, this challenge continues to persist to the level it does.

This research effort will look at:

  • Key drivers of learning measurement
  • L&D’s progress towards learning measurement maturity
  • What frameworks are used to stand up learning measurement strategies
  • The consequences related to success and failure in providing data on performance-related learning impact
  • Roadblocks to effective measurement
  • What elite organizations do to measure learning impact
  • Technologies used to measure learning impact
  • How organizations determine the business impact of specific learning modalities
  • And much more.

“There is still a gap between the language used in boardrooms and that used in learning and development. Learning and Development will struggle to establish itself as a strategic business partner if learning measurement and budget requests cannot be framed in terms of actual business or organisational impact, according to Brandon Hall Group CEO Mike Cooke.

Qualitative interviews will be used in conjunction with this quantitative research. The information and conclusions will be used to develop research studies and tools, including models, frameworks, and self-assessment tools, to assist businesses in comparing and enhancing their learning operations.


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