Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Microsoft Appsource Now Stock SkillsTX Licenses

Organizations are given tools by Talent Experience Platform to succeed in the data economy.

Organizations are given tools by Talent Experience Platform to succeed in the data economy.

Leading supplier of talent management solutions SkillsTX has announced that Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Microsoft App Source are now selling licences for their products. Customers now have a more convenient and accessible way to buy and deploy a complete talent management platform that includes features like recruitment, onboarding, training and development, performance management, and succession planning thanks to their availability on these platforms.

Organizations using SkillsTX can anticipate the following benefits thanks to its user-friendly interface and customizable features:

  • Reduce Business Risk by being aware of the skills and competencies you already possess and taking proactive steps to fill in any gaps before something goes wrong.
  • Build teams for sprints, projects, roles, or individual tasks to increase agility and project success while making sure to use the full range of skills available within your organisation and outside of it (service providers, vendors, contractors and gig workers).
  • Boost Engagement & Retention: Give your employees and their managers the freedom to maintain their skill profiles, finish their development plans, and reach their full professional and developmental potential.

Being hampered by a lack of digital skills is not an option, according to Paul Collins, CEO of the company. “Developing skills is key to any organization’s success,” he added. “SkillsTX licences are now available on the Azure Marketplace and App Source, which is an important milestone that makes it possible for more people and organisations to thrive in the Data Economy.”

The SkillsTX platform, like every item offered in Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource, has been approved in accordance with predetermined standards. Licenses for SkillsTX can be purchased by customers using their current purchase agreements.

Whatever Business, Enterprise, or Large Enterprise plan is selected, companies of all sizes can gain from the fully functional and adaptable talent experience platform, which includes:

  • Individual Skill Profiles
  • My People
  • My Action Plan
  • Team Analytics
  • Administration Console
  • Enterprise Analytics
  • Single Sign On option (SSO)
  • SkillsTX Education


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