Paycom Incorporate Global HCM Solution, Extends Global Reach

Launch addresses increasing demand for innovative, international HCM solutions

Launch responds to the rising demand for cutting-edge, global HCM solutions.
Paycom Software, Inc. (“Paycom”), a leading supplier of comprehensive, cloud-based human capital management (“HCM”) software, recently unveiled its newest product, Global HCM, which enables businesses and their domestic and international employees to manage their HR needs within one, user-friendly system. Paycom is now able to increase access to users in more than 180 countries and is available in 15 languages and dialects thanks to this product.

The functionality of Manager on-the-Go and Employee Self-Service in Paycom’s Global HCM software connects human resource processes to boost employee engagement across multinational corporations. Paycom’s global product enables streamlined process flow and the management of all employees in a single software, doing away with the need for multiple systems, data points, and logins thanks to a seamless user experience and single-database model.

According to Chad Richison, Paycom’s founder, chairman, and CEO, “after two years of software development, our Global HCM product now brings Paycom’s HCM functionality to the rest of the world, and as part of our international expansion, we expect to roll out our industry-leading payroll solution, Beti, across the globe over the coming months.”

Other services offered by Global HCM include Employee Self-Service, Manager on-the-Go, Applicant Tracking, Ask Here, Benefits Administration, Beti functionality, Clue, Compensation Management, Direct Data Exchange, Documents and Checklists, Expense Management, Government and Compliance, Onboarding, Paycom Learning, Paycom Surveys, Performance Management, Personnel Action Forms, Position Management, Push Reporting, Scheduling, and Time and Attendance.

Paycom Software has streamlined businesses and the lives of their employees for close to 25 years through user-friendly HR and payroll technology to enable transparency through open access to their data. And because of its first-in-the-industry solution, Beti, American workers now handle their own payroll and are guided to identify and correct expensive errors before submitting payroll. In a single app, Paycom’s software automates procedures, boosts productivity, and gives employees control over their own HR data for onboarding, benefits enrollment, talent management, and more. Paycom, which has received widespread acclaim for its technology and corporate culture, can now provide services to companies of all sizes both domestically and abroad.


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