Microsoft Teams Users Can Now Access Smarten Spaces’ Revolutionary Digital Workplace Platform

Designed specifically for Microsoft Teams to deliver an exceptional hybrid employee workplace experience

Designed specifically for Microsoft Teams to deliver an exceptional hybrid employee workplace experience

A pioneer in digital workplace solutions, Smarten Spaces is pleased to announce the release of Jumpree by Smarten Spaces for Microsoft Teams, a complete digital workplace platform. The solution focuses on giving the employees tools to improve their experience and increase productivity as they switch between the office and the home as the majority of businesses transition to hybrid working. Additionally, it aids businesses in better utilizing and managing their space in a world of flexibility.

As workers get used to the new style of working, this much-needed answer couldn’t have come at a better time. To retain productivity, though, businesses must give their employees the greatest possible experience.

The improvement of the employee workplace experience is the top priority for 67% of corporate real estate leaders, who are increasingly collaborating with the digital workplace team to enhance the hybrid experience, according to the 2023 Gartner Market Guide for Workplace Experience Applications.

Employees can choose from a variety of alternatives with Jumpree by Smarten Spaces for Microsoft Teams, including choosing the days they work from home, coordinating schedules with coworkers, and booking locations that best meet their needs. Employees may easily reserve desks, other amenities, and meeting and collaboration spaces with Jumpree by Smarten Spaces without having to download any additional apps. Businesses can enhance productivity while reducing space expenditures by up to 30%. The solution makes it simple for businesses to adopt and use by providing seamless out-of-the-box connection with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Outlook, and Teams.

According to Dinesh Malkani, founder, and CEO of Smarten Spaces, “Jumpree by Smarten Spaces for Microsoft Teams is a game-changer for employee workplace experience. Jumpree by Smarten Spaces simplifies things for staff members by converting a Microsoft product that they already use into a wholly integrated and very user-friendly solution. It takes the complexity out of hybrid work, enables people to work more effectively with their colleagues, and gives them the greatest options for the workspaces they enjoy. Companies may make the most of their premises as they transition to flexible work arrangements.

The solution is accessible through Microsoft Teams, Azure Marketplace, and Microsoft AppSource in a variety of packages with a 30-day trial period. The partner ecosystem or the companies themselves can self-onboard it.

“Having the appropriate tools for managing workplaces is essential for productivity and cooperation as the workforce becomes more accustomed to hybrid models. According to Ben Summers, Director, Product Marketing, Microsoft Teams & Platform at Microsoft Corp., Smarten Spaces has created a tailored solution for Microsoft Teams that will improve the workplace environment.


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