Talview offers AI-powered candidate authentication for recruiting

The Candidate Authentication functionality for Microsoft Teams has been released by Talview, a top supplier of AI-powered hiring solutions. This functionality is expected to revolutionize remote hiring by streamlining the application process for remote teams and assuring a positive hiring experience.

The COVID-19 epidemic has strengthened the trend of remote employment, necessitating the need to frequently undertake end-to-end hiring procedures without personally interviewing individuals. However, these benefits have not come without drawbacks, such as a sharp rise in impersonation cases. Many businesses only learn about the imposter after the recruit is hired.

This problem is solved by Talview’s Candidate Authentication feature on Microsoft Teams, which seamlessly connects with Talview’s online proctoring service and makes use of cutting-edge facial recognition technology. The feature verifies the candidacy by comparing the candidate’s face to an ID from the government and a base image stored in the database. Every step of the hiring process is verified, which enables recruiters to spot impersonation early on. The entire interview is also recorded by the app and can be accessed at a later time.

Talview’s Candidate Authentication feature enables recruiters and hiring managers to confidently conduct interviews with qualified candidates while safeguarding the reputation of their company by spotting dishonest applicants at the outset of the hiring process. This feature makes remote recruiting easier while guaranteeing safe and legal employment practices.

Sanjoe Tom Jose, CEO and Co-Founder of Talview, said, “The Candidate Authentication feature on Microsoft Teams is an innovation that underscores Talview’s dedication to delivering a seamless, secure, and compliant recruitment process for remote teams. Our integration with Microsoft has aided us in fostering innovation, and we will continue to collaborate to give hiring teams the best resources to succeed in a job market that is rapidly changing.”

Since 2017, Talview has concentrated on offering resources that promote hiring team collaboration through enhanced scheduling and selection procedures. A key improvement to the remote hiring process is the integration of Talview’s AI-powered hiring solutions with Microsoft Teams. Another innovation that strengthens Talview’s position as a pioneer in AI-powered hiring solutions is the Candidate Authentication function.

“The candidate verification process is improved and made simpler, quicker, and more accurate with Talview’s AI-powered Candidate Authentication functionality on Microsoft Teams.” According to Ben Summers, Director of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Platform Marketing at Microsoft Corp., “Integration also assures security and compliance limitations for hiring practices.”

Microsoft Teams now offers Talview’s Candidate Authentication capability, enabling remote teams to easily streamline their hiring process while guaranteeing security and compliance. Existing Microsoft clients can easily obtain this cutting-edge functionality through the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace.

Source: PRNewswire


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