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There are many different ways we can work today, whether it be hybrid, remote, flexible, or in-office.

Let’s face it; everyone’s working environment and methods are unique. Whatever type of work you do-hybrid, remote, flexible, or in-office-one thing remains essentially constant: technology. It serves as the great leveller, fostering cooperation and productivity while presenting fresh perspectives on flexibility and freedom.

Even though many people can work remotely today, there are still restrictions that make working difficult. Our design philosophy and the innovations in our commercial portfolio are centred on finding solutions to these problems. It includes everything from the device to the ecosystem to the software and solutions that promote greater collaboration and connection.

We’ve updated our commercial portfolio with new designs, new collaboration features, and new performance levels. Our commercial PCs are already known as the most intelligent and secure commercial PCs in the world. We’ve simplified our desktop portfolio, added another breathtaking monitor, and added intelligence to the entire PC ecosystem in addition to our laptops and workstations. We keep sustainability, security, manageability, and service offerings in mind at all times to ensure that businesses can achieve their objectives and relieve the daily pressure on IT departments.

Improving the equipment
Technology enhances who we are in the world, from the phones we use to the vehicles we drive. The PCs we use at work are comparable in this regard. People want commercial devices that not only deliver dependable performance for on-the-go productivity and seamless collaboration but also match their sense of style and aesthetic. Let’s examine how these areas manifest themselves in our newest products.

Latitude. These laptops feature cutting-edge audio and video collaboration features, sustainable materials, and battery-saving mini-LED keyboard technology. We put a tonne of innovation and thoughtful, detailed design into them. Read more here about the rest of our new Latitude portfolio and these stunning devices.

  • Our ultra-premium Latitude 9440 is the most collaborative commercial PC3 in the world, and it was created using design cues from our XPS line. It has the first haptic collaboration touchpad in the world4 for a more personalised, immersive conferencing experience, making it ideal for an executive, consultant, or salesperson. A stunning new keyboard with wider keys and no gaps, known as zero-lattice, that makes all-day working comfortable are both included in the two-in-one for a premium look and feel.
  • As you move between meetings, it’s simple to throw one of the Latitude 7340/7440 Ultralights in your bag. Both start at slightly less than or more than one kilogramme; they are surprisingly lightweight but strong. Additionally, we haven’t given up any features. Each offers a 16:10 display and a 5MP camera for a convenient mobile workspace.

Precision. The needs of creators, designers, engineers, and other specialised power users differ. To run graphically intensive applications and software while in the office, studio, or on the go, they give priority to performance and graphics capabilities. In order to meet these demands, we are introducing new improvements to our Precision mobile and fixed workstations, including the newest Intel 13th Gen® Core processors and NVIDIA RTX Ada Generation Laptop GPUs.

We debuted a 14-inch workstation with unmatched power last year. The Precision 5480 has performance upgrades this year across the board, from the processor to the graphics card. But it goes further than that. The 5000 Series now includes a 16-inch mobile workstation. The Precision 5680 has the smallest 16-inch footprint in the world,5 but it is incredibly powerful, featuring an NVIDIA RTX 5000 Ada graphics Generation Laptop GPU, up to an Intel Core i9 (45W), and up to 64GB of DDR5 memory. With the 16:10 display and up to UHD+ with PremierColor, it provides even more power and immersive experiences in a chic, lightweight package. Learn more about our new Precision workstations by reading more.

OptiPlex. We’ve developed a new OptiPlex portfolio as a result of three decades of ongoing desktop innovation. It’s now simpler than ever to configure, buy, and manage thanks to customer feedback. To help customers quickly find the right system for their workspace and performance requirements, we’ve streamlined the portfolio. Choose, for instance, between minimalist desk arrangements with a variety of performance options and space-conscious designs, or give preference to a desktop tower’s expandability and performance.

Additionally, we improved the portfolio’s intelligence and made it simpler for IT administrators to manage a large number of devices-up to thousands-with a single BIOS setup, freeing up valuable IT time. Learn more about the new OptiPlex portfolio, which includes our best-selling product, the OptiPlex All-in-One, which combines comfort and style with a modern design and includes collaboration, security, and privacy features built right in.

An ecosystem with branches
In order for us to effectively maximise our productivity, a modern work environment requires both software and ecosystem solutions around the PC.

Imagine a super ultrawide screen with no bezel in between, such as a 49-inch dual QHD curved monitor that lets you divide your screen into two 27-inch QHD partitions for virtually seamless multitasking. This is precisely what our brand-new Dell UltraSharp 49 Curved USB-C Hub Monitor is made to do. You can connect and display content from two PCs simultaneously to one monitor, which is designed with financial traders, engineers, and data analysts for multiscreen productivity in mind.Two times more colour contrast is available over a wide viewing angle with the 2000:1 contrast ratio IPS Black panel technology than with traditional IPS. The built-in Ethernet port on the USB-C hub monitor delivers a 2.5GbE connection while providing your laptop with up to 90W of power and a variety of connectivity options. Last but not least, the monitor has ComfortView Plus for improved eye comfort, and the built-in pop-out feature makes it simple to access ports so you can easily connect your external devices.

Software cannot be disregarded. We are enhancing the already existing capabilities of Dell Optimizer, such as collaboration, intelligent audio, privacy, and connectivity that adapt to your working style. Less applications to pull up and sort through, according to our customers, is better. For this reason, the most recent iteration of Dell Optimizer extends PC intelligence to the rest of your ecosystem. You can more easily manage your displays and accessories through a single interface. Additionally, we are enhancing the PCs’ intelligent audio capabilities. Everyone on the call can use the echo cancellation feature to remove annoying echoes, and voice quality monitoring will alert you with a pop-up if your voice quality is subpar.


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