The Enterprise Solution For Revolutionizing Employee Social Media Advocacy Is Here: Viral Nation Empower

A multi-platform social media education, collaboration, generative AI, and brand monitoring tool developed by forerunners of the creator economy to support internal and external influencers for businesses.

The debut of Viral Nation_Empower, a complete corporate solution that disrupts employee advocacy and engagement initiatives across key social media platforms, has been announced by Viral Nation, a leading social media transformation and technology company.

Viral Nation_Empower is the first solution of its kind with deep social media intellectual property embedded into the user experience, learning paths featuring content from some of today’s most well-known creators, and proprietary generative AI. It is designed to empower the authentic voice of employees by educating, aligning, and incentivizing at scale. With brand safety monitoring and collective engagement analytics, Viral Nation_Empower promotes, enhances, and tracks staff engagement, alignment, satisfaction, and trust while easing the customer’s purchasing process.

Stan Chia, chief executive officer at Vivid Seats, stated, “We are delighted to investigate the capabilities of Viral Nation_Empower and its potential for our organization. “As a company, we believe in supporting our workers’ growth and development because we understand the power of their influence as brand ambassadors. We are eager to explore how this creative approach might assist us empower and develop our workforce.

The distinctiveness of Viral Nation_Empower rests in the employee’s part in establishing a personal brand, creating thought leadership content over time, and increasing their own knowledge and comfort with social posting. Employees will gain the knowledge and abilities to expand their personal ecosystem by being equipped with the most recent social media best practices and by gamifying the process. This will have a beneficial effect on the rest of their careers and increase their value to their employers. Utilizing proprietary generative AI, Viral Nation_Empower engages and empowers staff to produce strategic content while protecting brands and material. Employees can shorten the buyer’s journey by utilizing their personal networks and experience, making Viral Nation_Empower a vital tool for increasing brand impact and reach. Its complete approach to employee advocacy truly sets it apart from rivals.

Employee advocacy programs are a crucial part of any organization’s social media strategy because they give employees the chance to develop their own thought leadership and personal brands, expand their audience, and raise brand awareness for their employer—all while contributing to the efficient achievement of marketing, HR, recruitment, and sales goals. A significant potential is being lost because more than 80% of businesses don’t have active employee advocacy programs in place. Meanwhile, distracted workers cost American businesses an estimated $550 billion in revenue annually. Effective employee advocacy initiatives, however, can raise morale, alignment, and engagement. In fact, research shows that when employees share company information, engagement rates improve by 8 times, and lead conversion rates increase by 7 times when content is created with employee advocacy in mind.
The introduction of Viral Nation_Empower at Social Media Week is significant because it challenges the top-down “like and share” staff advocacy tools that are now in place with a generative AI solution from the ground up. Joe Gagliese, co-chief executive officer and co-founder of Viral Nation, said, “We are accelerating users within the firm to become top industry influencers and flattening the learning curve for individuals concerned about sharing on social media. “Since social media is still reshaping the marketing landscape, we’re proud to lead the way forward and provide the solutions that improve how businesses run, interact with customers, and perform.”

Through important features and enhanced procedures, Viral Nation_Empower assists businesses in optimizing employee social media advocacy campaigns, including:

  • Knowledge Base – offers businesses a personalized learning path with a selection of short and long-form films made by Viral Nation’s own creators for employee certification and rewards.
  • Brand Compliance – Viral Nation_Secure’s direct integration gives businesses the assurance that all staff postings comply with brand and campaign requirements, avoid copyright violations, and allow for the monitoring of general internet sentiment.
  • Efficiency- Simplifies the employee-generated content approval process to enable quick turnarounds on content enhancement, third-party tagging advice, and publishing tactics.
  • Messaging- By giving businesses access to in-platform and community direct messaging features, messaging encourages staff to communicate with one another by exchanging ideas, material, and accomplishments.
  • Content management – Within the content management module, creative briefs can be shared and worked on collaboratively. Businesses can also use the integrated social media calendar to plan posts for weeks in advance.
    Better content is produced by utilizing exclusive generative AI tools to assist staff in producing social media-specific material at scale with embedded best practices.
  • Gamification- engaging material to promote education, content creation, and multi-platform sharing via gamified learning routes that also include certifications, incentives, and social recognition.
  • Reporting and Attribution- shared, customized reports for examining program effectiveness, engagement indicators, and income attribution.

Scott Leatherman, chief marketing officer at Viral Nation, asserted that “employee-generated content (EGC) is significantly more effective than resharing corporate posts. The only way businesses can succeed in the attention economy is to help their staff become external influencers and content creators through a simple, safe, and lucrative program.”


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