Together With Visier, Betterworks Is Revolutionizing Employee Performance Analytics

To give HR leaders deep people insights about what motivates employee success at work, Betterworks, the market leader in contemporary performance management solutions, announced an embedded analytics partnership with Visier, the world’s foremost authority on people analytics. Customers will be able to create targeted strategies using this capability to raise performance, engagement, and organisational success as a whole. As part of the collaboration, Betterworks will seamlessly incorporate Visier’s analytics engine into a brand-new service called Betterworks Advanced Analytics, which will be made available on the Betterworks platform.

The “The State of People Analytics 2022-23” report found that only 29% of HR professionals thought their company was effective at making changes based on people analytics. The majority of enterprise HR teams have a wealth of people data about things like performance, engagement, behaviours, and skill development; however, the data is spread out in different silos, and integrating it is typically difficult. There is no way to precisely measure how HR programmes affect employee behaviour and overall business results. Additionally, the majority of data analytic tools are difficult to use and provide no guidance regarding the appropriate inquiries to make or the range of variables to take into account. They don’t even explain how to use the data or how it can be used to make decisions.

Betterworks Advanced Analytics, in contrast, stands out because it combines the rich data from the Betterworks platform, including performance, engagement, employee growth, and demographic information about the workforce. Dashboards give HR cogent information to execute the best talent initiatives, such as knowing how to refocus employee training programmes and investing in the most effective performance-building activities. A visual data story that follows a narrative format and starts with the business question and ends with a dashboard is how the solution also presents the insights.

The following advantages will be provided to chief people officers and HR business partners during the initial phase of Betterworks Advanced Analytics’ launch:

  • Increase workforce effectiveness by having a thorough understanding of the elements that support or restrict employee performance and engagement. Actionable insights offer clarity regarding the actions to be taken to motivate and keep the talent base.
  • By exposing the variations in career coaching, developmental opportunities, performance ratings, and other activities for various groups within an organisation, hidden bias in the performance process can be exposed. This data enables HR leaders to take action to ensure fairness in employee performance enablement and career advancement, and it aids in guiding organisational DEIB initiatives.
  • Establish a link between learning and development (L&D) initiatives and their effect on the business value to fine-tune learning curricula for the best possible employee development and performance.

Now, HR can concentrate on comprehending the factors that encourage top performance, productivity, and engagement in workers. To harness strategic people insights for the health of the business, their organisations will go far beyond basic operational questions and connecting the dots. Arnaud Grunwald, chief product officer at Betterworks, stated that the “C-Suite expects HR leaders to have answers to questions about how to strategically invest in talent development, especially as it relates to advancing the business and assisting employees in reaching their growth and development targets.” By releasing the wealth of data they have about employee goals, feedback, check-in conversations, performance ratings, calibration data, and much more, Betterworks Advanced Analytics enables businesses to find hidden patterns.

According to Dave Weisbeck, chief strategy officer at Visier, “What Visier is best at is connecting data on people into the insights that improve business outcomes.” We couldn’t be more thrilled to be an embedded partner with Betterworks because of the incredibly rich set of engagement, performance, and skills data that comes from their modern approach to performance management. By doing so, we can assist them in revealing those insights to their clients.

Businesses that are doing well understand that staying relevant by planning for the long term is the most important thing to focus on as they navigate the current economic uncertainty. And to do that, they must put in place a talent management strategy that will enable them to accomplish more with the fewer employees they currently have, identify the factors that contribute to outperformance so that all workers can be empowered, and set up the workforce for resilience and agility so that it can easily navigate change. Businesses and HR leaders can do just that thanks to Betterworks Advanced Analytics, which offers insightful people data so that HR leaders can concentrate on actions that both promote employee development and better assist in achieving business goals. Betterworks Advanced Analytics is anticipated to go generally available in phases starting in the summer of 2023.


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