Workday’s momentum in the healthcare sector is still strong, and it is assisting healthcare organisations in transforming their business models through operational insights.

Workday, Inc., a pioneer in enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, reported continued growth within the healthcare sector after adding a number of fresh healthcare organisations to its expanding global clientele. The business also declared that KLAS Research’s ERP 2023 report named Workday as the best performing cloud ERP solution for the healthcare industry.

Workday Financial Management, Workday Human Capital Management (HCM), and Workday Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions for healthcare have recently been chosen or deployed by healthcare organisations of all sizes, including CHG Healthcare, Jefferson Health, Northeast Georgia Health System, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, Terrebonne General Health System, and Whitman Hospital & Medical Clinics (WHMC), to better manage costs, attract and retain clinical and non-clinical staff.

Northeast Georgia Health System Chief Information Officer Chris Paravate said, “Workday allows us to build more dynamic tools in the cloud and utilise analytics that bring decision support right to the front line, driving us towards precision care.” Workday is essential to our digital transformation strategy because it enables us to take advantage of the interoperability and cloud capabilities.

Healthcare organisations are required to provide care while operating within increasingly narrow operating margins due to supply chain disruptions and a changing regulatory environment. Healthcare organisations are utilising Workday to keep up with the competition. Workday Enterprise Management Cloud, a unified, cloud-based system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), enables them to automate tasks, increase efficiency, and control costs without compromising the quality of patient care.

According to John Kravitz, president of Workday’s healthcare division, “as healthcare organisations navigate economic uncertainty and adapt to changing business demands, they need the right tools to accelerate their digital transformation efforts so they can generate value quickly and efficiently. “With AI and ML embedded into the very core of our platform, Workday enables healthcare organizations to improve operational efficiencies across their financials, people, and supply chain management, empowering them with greater business adaptability that supports quality patient care.”

Accelerating the transformation of digital health
With the Industry Accelerator for Healthcare, Workday supports healthcare organisations in accelerating their cloud transformation initiatives. This programme combines the strength of Workday Enterprise Management Cloud with the extensive industry knowledge of deployment partners, such as Deloitte and KPMG, to deliver tried-and-true solutions and best practises that help organisations maximise their financial and talent resources, better manage their supply chains, and increase organisational agility

Organizations can benefit from a growing number of pre-built connections to solutions from independent software vendor (ISV) partners for the healthcare industry by using the Industry Accelerator for Healthcare. These include Global Health Exchange (GHX), which integrates with Workday SCM to enable supply chain resiliency through current, fully enriched item data in the end-to-end supply chain processes, and ShiftWizard, which works with Workday Time Tracking to optimise labour resources through streamlined staffing and scheduling, easier tracking and reporting of payroll hours, and quicker time off and timesheet approvals.


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