Youth Job Search Assistance Through Eco Canada Employment Program

ECO Canada is offering pay financing to firms wishing to hire young professionals for full-time work placements and job training through Natural Resources Canada’s Science and Technology Internship Program—Green Jobs (STIP—Green Jobs). In order to provide adolescents with chances for job experience and skill training that contribute to favorable environmental outcomes, STIP – Green Jobs offers funding to companies in the natural resources sector across Canada, especially in remote and Northern communities. When a candidate is hired for a brand-new full-time position, this program offers qualified companies 75% wage coverage up to $18,000 of the individual’s salary, or 75% up to $30,000 when recruiting a self-identified equity-deserving candidate.

There is an increasing need to draw in new talent, especially young professionals and equity-seeking groups, as almost 30% of the current workforce is predicted to retire in the upcoming ten years. With replacement demand, new investments in clean technology, sustainability, and the adoption of climate change, the demand for environmental skills and jobs is only going up. This is forcing Canadian enterprises to adapt their objectives and locate personnel that can support these significant trends. Up to 233,500 net openings could result from the replacement of old jobs and the creation of new ones by 2029. In order to safeguard the environment and achieve a favorable environmental outcome, this program seeks to fill these jobs in the natural resources industries.

With the support of the Youth in Natural Resources Program, young people can transition into the industry and obtain experience in the field of natural resources. They can develop a network of peers and mentors thanks to the program. By reducing the barriers and difficulties associated with hiring new employees, it gives firms the chance to onboard young professionals and create important environmental jobs across the natural resources sectors (Energy, Forestry, Mining Minerals & Metals, Earth Sciences, and Clean Tech).

Businesses of all sizes can participate in this initiative, which is open to participants between the ages of 15 and 30. Full-time assignments with work periods of up to 12 months will be covered by funding.

Nearly 17,000 jobs have been placed as a result of ECO Canada’s dedication to the environmental workforce, and more than $176 million in federal funding has been made available under program oversight to date. Apply now for the Youth in Natural Resources Program and find out more information.

“We require intelligent and well-trained young people working in research and technology for our expanding clean industries. The interns and trainees we are supporting today will be the leaders of tomorrow, whether they are building electric vehicles, mapping clean energy sites, or managing our expanding smart-grids”, according to Julie Dabrusin, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Natural Resources and to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change. “The investment made today is a critical first step in developing the many more sustainable jobs that a net-zero future will require.”

Source: GlobeNewswire


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