Blanchard: Propel By Blanchard To Be Released

Propel by Blanchard has been officially released, according to Blanchard, a global pioneer in leadership development, consulting, and coaching for more than 40 years. For an annual membership fee of $1,295, Propel, Blanchard’s leadership capabilities academy, makes life-changing leadership development available to everyone for individuals, teams, and organizations of all sizes. Leaders and organizations may develop essential and important leadership abilities at scale with a Propel membership.

Members have unlimited access to small-cohort, live virtual courses that are perfect for individuals, teams, and organizations. They also have the chance to attend live events with leadership experts, authors, and coaches. Members also have access to a library of digital tools and learning resources and the chance to be a part of a select community where they can learn from and with one another.

“Leadership development has always been reserved for a select group of people. We were aware that although individuals, teams, and smaller businesses lacked the access and opportunity that larger corporations do, they nevertheless had the same demands, namely the need to develop leaders who can motivate their workforce and unleash its full potential. With premium Blanchard content, courses taught by real people, coaches, and experts, as well as tools to support wellbeing and self-awareness, Propel offers a space where people can advance their leadership skills,” according to Britney Cole, vice president of innovation and head of the Blanchard Innovation Lab and Experience Center.

Individual goals, hobbies, and preferences can be used to create tailored development pathways for Propel members. The best part is that they participate in lively, expert-led live classes on leadership that are human-powered, interact with other members of a world-class online learning community, and navigate the obstacles of modern leadership to become unstoppable forces for the greater good.

Source: PR NewsWire


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