BNeVity Collaborates With We’re On Board To Expand The Impact Of Corporate Climate Action.

In partnership with Count Us In, a worldwide movement of people and organisations taking action to address climate change, Benevity Inc., the leading provider of global corporate purpose software, announced the release of its new Climate Action Kit. By offering interesting ways to involve staff members, the Climate Action Kit helps businesses incorporate climate action into their corporate purpose programmes. The toolkit includes volunteer opportunities, hand-picked directories of trustworthy environmental groups, and a collection of micro-actions designed to lessen an organization’s and its employees’ environmental impact.

Companies have concentrated on net zero and carbon emission reduction as part of their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) or sustainability efforts, with 65% of leaders reporting that they are under pressure from their staff to take action on climate change issues. As employees become more passionate and demanding about taking direct action on these issues, organisations are now realising the need to meet that demand. Utilizing Benevity’s Climate Action Kit, businesses can instruct staff members on how to develop environmentally friendly habits and make wise choices that will lessen their impact on the environment and that of their employers.

Despite the acceleration of the climate crisis into a climate emergency in 2022, only 3.2% of donations on the Benevity platform went to environmental causes. With the aid of Benevity’s Climate Action kit, businesses and employees can support global nonprofits’ efforts at advocacy, conservation, and carbon reduction.

Ipsita Bhatia, Director of Business Engagement at Count Us In, said, “As an organisation that inspires people to take bold actions to combat the climate crisis, Count Us In recognises that motivating businesses and individuals to get more involved and invest in helping the planet is crucial.” According to estimates, individual and household actions can contribute up to 30% of the global emission reductions required to prevent the worst effects of climate change, and this can have an impact on large-scale solutions. We can all significantly impact the world by taking action in our daily lives, and our collaboration with Benevity will make it simpler than ever for businesses and their staff to do so.

The Climate Action Kit includes:

  • More than 150 sustainability micro-actions, including cutting back on plastic use for a day, donating used clothing, conducting a home energy audits, and reducing water use at home, are available for employees to use to fight climate change. These actions are focused on impact, influence, and involvement.
  • a chance for volunteers to join the Great Global Cleanup and take part in the largest organised volunteer event in the world on Earth Day and beyond.
  • lists of verified environmental and sustainability organisations working to combat climate change were developed in collaboration with some of the most well-known climate champions, such as Mark Ruffalo, Christiana Figueres, Adam McKay, and Zamzam Ibrahim.
  • Reporting for corporate sustainability leaders that includes important metrics that show what actions have the biggest impact and what initiatives result in the highest employee engagement.

“We are aware that the effects of climate change extend beyond the environment. Sona Khosla, Chief Impact Officer at Benevity, called it a crisis of inequality that disproportionately affects marginalised people around the globe. “We are excited to collaborate with Count Us In, a world authority on sustainability, to empower our clients, who have a huge opportunity to mobilise employees globally to take daily actions that can significantly impact the future of our planet. This will not only strengthen corporate sustainability initiatives but also show workers that their employers share their views on climate action.

Being the only company to offer an integrated suite of community investment, employee, customer, and nonprofit engagement solutions, Benevity, a certified B Corporation, is the market leader in corporate purpose software. Benevity, one of Fortune’s Impact 20 companies, provides cloud solutions that power purpose for numerous iconic brands in ways that better attract, retain, and engage today’s diverse workforce, embed social action into their customer experiences, and have a positive impact on their communities. With software that is accessible in 22 languages, Benevity has processed more than $12 billion in donations and 56 million hours of volunteer work to aid 418,000 nonprofits globally. A total of 1.2 million grants totaling $18 billion have been given thanks to the company’s solutions, which have also enabled 900,000 micro-actions.


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