Grammarly Announces Integrations to Simplify Workflows and Reduce App Overload Complexities

Grammarly, which provides AI-assisted communication support to over 50,000 teams and 30 million users everyday, has introduced a number of third-party connections in Grammarly Business to make it simpler to complete tasks without losing concentration. With the help of these upgrades, Grammarly Business users will be able to obtain pertinent information and finish activities more quickly across the widely used office programs they already use, without having to waste time switching between several products.

“Every time employees have to shift context or search for information, businesses lose time—and the problem only grows with the proliferation of workplace tools”

Knowledge workers’ productivity is being eroded by the use of an expanding number of workplace apps, which are driving them to continually switch between multiple contexts and escalating information silos. Nearly 1,200 times a day, the average professional changes between apps and websites. Many generative AI solutions that claim to increase productivity only increase complexity by forcing users to constantly move and transfer text between platforms while limiting them to a single interface. In order to help employees focus on the task at hand, Grammarly Business will address these issues by seamlessly integrating with other programs and placing useful information right in their workflows.

“The problem only gets worse with the growth of office products,” according to Matt Rosenberg, Chief Revenue Officer and Head of Grammarly Business. “Every time employees have to shift context or search for information, businesses lose time,” he added. “By connecting with other programs, Grammarly Business frees up employees’ work flows, wherever they may be, allowing them to concentrate on growing the company rather than getting lost in a maze of programs and data. All of this is a part of our aim to develop the AI-connected enterprise where work is completed more effectively as well as more quickly.”

The news expands upon Grammarly’s recently released enterprise-specific features in GrammarlyGO, an on-demand, AI-powered communication assistant, as well as its new Knowledge Share function, which reveals pertinent company information in employees’ work flows. Businesses will be able to further streamline workflows with this upcoming version by giving employees access to information from more sources and assisting them in taking the appropriate action from their current position. The updates consist of:

  • Employees won’t need to switch between tools to find the information they need to create their communication thanks to connections to third-party corporate apps that are available in Knowledge Share. Beginning with Google Drive and Atlassian Confluence, Knowledge Share will eventually interact with other platforms.
  • With the help of Grammarly, employees can use the App Actions functionality to carry out tasks within third-party programs like Asana, Atlassian Jira Software, and Calendly. Without interrupting their writing workflow, employees might, for instance, easily add a project task in Asana, write a ticket in Jira, or suggest times to connect using Calendly.

“Asana, an AI-first platform, is focused on enabling our clients to focus on the work that matters most in order to help them grow. This entails cooperating with crucial cross-team tools to guarantee that AI is integrated into the fabric of our expanding partner ecosystem,” according to Connie Wu, Head of Business Development at Asana. “We are eager to collaborate with the Grammarly team as they launch the Grammarly App Action for Asana, which enables teams to keep in touch with their projects and teams wherever they write.”

Source: Businesswire


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