Lexmark Announces Changes to Executive Leadership

Tonya Jackson has been announced as senior vice president and chief people officer at Lexmark, a pioneer in IoT and imaging technologies. As of right now, Billy Spears has taken over Jackson’s position as senior vice president and chief product delivery officer and has joined the executive team. They both answer to CEO Allen Waugerman.

Jackson will oversee the global planning and execution of employee-related projects as well as the human resources division. She will be in charge of luring, nurturing, and retaining Lexmark’s most precious resource—its workforce.

Since the company’s start in 1991, Jackson has worked with Lexmark and has held a variety of leadership positions in engineering, production, sustainability, and experience design. She has headed global supply chain operations since 2013, and she was appointed chief product delivery officer in 2020.

“Tonya is an outstanding, trusted leader with deep Lexmark knowledge and strong relationships across the business,” stated Waugerman. “She will infuse HR with new ideas and support the department’s vital goals.”

According to Jackson, “I look forward to working with employees across the globe to continue cultivating a culture of inclusivity, growth, and innovation that drives our strategy and supports a positive and inspiring work environment.”

Spears is now in charge of developing Lexmark’s hardware and supplies, managing the company’s supply chain, manufacturing, and providing customer service. He has worked for Lexmark since 1997 and has had positions in supply chain, engineering, human resources, and finance. Since 2020, he has served as vice president of operations for the supply chain and worldwide service delivery.

Waugerman remarked, “I’m happy to welcome Billy to the executive team. He is well-liked and has extensive expertise across Lexmark. He’ll do a great job leading the Product Delivery team.”

Spears declared, “I’m honored to join the executive team. I’m excited to take the helm of our development, supply chain, and service delivery teams as we continue to innovate and move quickly and nimbly to provide our consumers with an exceptional experience.”

Sharon Votaw, who has worked for Lexmark for close to 32 years, will be replaced by Jackson. Prior to taking over as vice president of global compensation, benefits, and HRIS in 2016, she worked as the head of the worldwide human resources organization. She worked in Lexmark’s accounting department for 13 years before moving into HR, where she held the position of U.S. controller.

“I want to thank Sharon for her invaluable contributions to Lexmark over the years,” stated Waugerman. “We wish her well in retirement on behalf of the entire Lexmark team”.

Source: HRTech Series


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