Paycor To Purchase Behavioural Science-Based, Microlearning Solution, Verb

Paycor HCM, a top provider of human capital management (HCM) software, today revealed that it would buy Verb, a platform for employee development that combines behavioural science and exclusive microlearning materials to produce best-in-class workplace training. Leader and manager effectiveness is the most frequently cited top priority among HR leaders, according to Gartner. By acquiring Verb, Paycor will assist organisations in achieving their top priority of enabling leaders to build successful teams.

Verb will be fully integrated into Paycor’s HCM platform, and the company plans to speed up the creation of Paycor Paths, a brand-new product created to assist businesses in motivating frontline leaders to change their behaviour over time through a series of specialised development journeys. Verb will make it possible for Paycor’s clients to scale up the delivery of individualised and successful employee learning experiences as part of Paths.

The talented and enthusiastic Verb team will be welcomed into the Paycor family, according to Swati Garodia, Paycor’s chief strategy officer. “Companies of all sizes must invest in upskilling their internal teams and frontline leaders due to the ongoing talent shortage and the rapid pace of change. With the acquisition of Verb, we will be able to offer our clients the most personalised, results-driven, and engaging learning solution available.

Verb is a microlearning platform based on behavioural science that makes it simple to upskill and develop managers and their frontline teams. With more than 100 hours of exclusive, bite-sized soft skills content, Verb can meet a range of talent development requirements. By incorporating real-world practise and reflection into its learning, the expertly created content creates lasting behavioural change. A custom learning programme, such as manager training, leadership development, employee onboarding, or DE&I training, can be created using Verb, or pre-built, ready to launch learning programmes can be chosen.

Suzi Sosa, Chief Executive Officer of Verb, said, “We’ve built an incredible learning platform, and we’re thrilled to join forces with Paycor to bring it to millions of frontline leaders. Our action-based learning programme assists managers and employees in acquiring the soft skills necessary for job success. We will assist businesses in developing a culture of ongoing learning and development while also demonstrating a strong return on investment for training by integrating Verb with Paycor Paths. The best partner to help us make the impact we’ve always wanted is Paycor.


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