ServiceNow has announced Employee Growth And Development, a talent transformation tool powered by AI to support skills-based workforce management.

Employee Growth and Development (EGD), an AI-powered talent transformation solution to support skills-based workforce management, was unveiled by ServiceNow, the industry-leading digital workflow company helping the world work better for everyone. On a single platform, the new solution will assist businesses in developing scalable skills strategies that will help them overcome talent shortages and enhance employee experiences.

According to SHRM, more than 76% of workers think they are more inclined to stick with a firm that encourages ongoing learning and growth. Leaders run the risk of losing talent to businesses that prioritize skill development to help people thrive. In order to help employees and their managers navigate career plans and development objectives, EGD addresses this difficulty by linking a number of disparate point solutions used for learning and development. It is supported by Hitch Works’ AI-powered skills intelligence, which will act as a dynamic engine to suggest instructive trainings, mentors, and mobility prospects.

“Without their employees, organizations are nothing. Leaders must provide their employees with opportunities for equal and dynamic career growth in order to expand their businesses in this cutthroat environment. Without skills intelligence, this cannot be accomplished, according to ServiceNow Chief People Officer Jacqui Canney. “Through individualized learning experiences that continuously build and strengthen employee abilities based on data and insights, the concept of Employee Growth and Development makes all of that possible, resulting in a more engaged, motivated, and resilient workforce.”

Systems and data are connected by one platform, one design, and one data model.

The combination of EGD’s dynamic AI-powered capabilities intelligence and the Now Platform may make the solution stand out from the competition. Companies can integrate ServiceNow’s open architecture with internal systems as well as external data sources and third parties. EGD will assist businesses in moving functionality away from point solutions and toward a straightforward, customer-focused experience for staff members, managers, and business executives.

“HR leaders have been investing in compartmentalized tools for employee development for years, which has resulted in isolated data and fragmented experiences. ServiceNow is significantly improving this experience for employers with Employee Growth and Development, according to Gretchen Alarcon, SVP and GM of Employee Workflows at ServiceNow. To give employees a central location to access and take care of all their learning, development, and growth needs, we designed a platform with AI-powered skills intelligence that spans back-end systems. The future employee experience is being driven by the power of the Now Platform.

EGD will enable enterprises to act on insights rather than instinct by uniting learning, development, and skills intelligence on a single platform. With the help of this technology, businesses can create a data-driven personnel management plan that forecasts, pinpoints, and cultivates the skills that will have the biggest impact on their operations and fill talent gaps.

The Josh Bersin firm founder and CEO Josh Bersin stated that “every company today is trying to build a skills strategy—it’s top of mind for CHROs and CEOs alike.” “Creating a skills database is a component of the solution, but it’s a rather minor piece of the puzzle. AI will shape the skills of the future. Companies that stretch the limits of conventional HR and create sophisticated skills engines that integrate disparate solutions for more effective, high-value learning will succeed. For ServiceNow, this is a significant and audacious step.”

Employers can evaluate and grow staff based on their talents, not just their experience or degree, thanks to EGD, which enables businesses to be smarter and more nimble. As new possibilities and trainings are made available to employees, employees can develop the skills they need now while also making plans for the future thanks to AI-powered skills intelligence. This opens the door for dynamic career paths.


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