SkillGigs Talent Launches Global Hiring Channel For US Business

A new employer of record initiative has been launched by SkillGigs, an online talent marketplace that connects qualified healthcare and technology job seekers with AI-matched employment opportunities. The increased demand for IT expertise and the rising cost of domestic talent will make it simpler for American employers to hire distant foreign staff. Employers will be able to save money, scale up rapidly, and access more specialized skill sets for their projects since SkillGigs will serve as the employer of record for a global pool of top IT talent.

“SkillGigs is a true marketplace that is built for users to explore, bid on, and exchange, and we are making it easier than ever to hire without borders,” claimed Brad Hill, head of SkillGigs’ digital division. “SkillGigs is a game-changer in the staffing sector because to features like this new employer of record program. We link businesses with the top talent, wherever they may be.”

U.S. businesses wishing to expand are increasingly turning to the hiring of overseas IT specialists, but many encounter difficulties when using conventional employment channels. providers frequently lose track of overseas candidates on an ATS or normal job board if they don’t pay established third-party staffing providers at least 20–25% more when hiring offshore IT roles than they would pay for any domestic hire.

The employer of record program from SkillGigs helps American businesses reduce many of the risks involved in employing workers from abroad. Employers who use SkillGigs to hire foreign tech workers can reduce their talent acquisition costs by up to 40% while gaining access to comprehensive talent management services that track and record project milestones.

In addition to their international travel nurse program for healthcare organizations, the platform offers the SkillGigs employer of record program for tech employees.

SkillGigs was established in 2017 on the premise that businesses and talent should be able to communicate effectively. The company is committed to empowering its members. By removing conventional barriers, SkillGigs improves and maximizes the employment process. With strong prospects who are prepared to work, the company’s revolutionary AI engine connects individuals with jobs that are matched to their skills.

Source: PRNewswire


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